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Optimization of onion planting time and variety under Populus deltoides-based agroforestry system in North-Western India

Establishment of poplars in soils amended with fibercake residuals from paper and containerboard production

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[Soil Fungal Community Structure and Functional Diversity in a Copper Tailing Dam and Its Surrounding Areas].

[Ozone Pollution, Nitrogen Addition, and Drought Stress Interact to Affect Non-structural Carbohydrates in the Leaves and Fine Roots of Poplar].

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From Propagation to Field: Influence of Tray Design on Tree Seedling Quality and Performance1

A spatially explicit approach to modeling biological productivity and economic attractiveness of short-rotation woody crops in the eastern USA

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Genetic Regulation of Vessel Morphology in Populus

Growth performance of hybrid poplar clones on two agricultural sites with and without early irrigation and fertilization

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PdWND3A, a wood-associated NAC domain-containing protein, affects lignin biosynthesis and composition in Populus


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Stagonosporopsis rhizophilae sp. nov. (Didymellaceae, Pleosporales), a new rhizospheric soil fungus associated with Populus deltoides Marsh

Physiological and transcriptomic analysis of yellow leaf coloration in Populus deltoides Marsh

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Designing near-natural planting patterns for plantation forests in China

Spatial analysis of biodiversity soil macrofauna in Populus deltoides plantation of northern forests of Iran

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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Poplar Clones and Rapid Prediction of the Properties by Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Long-term effects of phytoextraction by a poplar clone on the concentration, fractionation, and transportation of heavy metals in mine tailings

Punctuated decadal morphodynamics and coupled vegetation succession along a nontidal, wave-dominated Great Lakes barrier spit, Gull Point, Lake Erie, U.S.A.

Towards engineering ectomycorrhization into switchgrass bioenergy crops via a lectin receptor-like kinase.

Responses of Populus deltoides’ stem cuttings under treatment of different growth hormones in planting seasons

Analysis of allergen components and identification of bioactivity of HSP70 in pollen of Populus deltoides

Genotypic variations in 107 poplar clones grown on a short-term waterlogging site: Long-term (1992–2015) data on survival rate, growth performance and branching traits

Identification of a diguanylate cyclase expressed in the presence of plants and its application for discovering candidate gene products involved in plant colonization by Pantoea sp. YR343

Multivariate linear mixed model enhanced the power of identifying genome-wide association to poplar tree heights in a randomized complete block design

Japanese Hops (Humulus japonicus) Control and Management Strategies in Large River Floodplains

Productivity and Profitability of Poplars on Fertile and Marginal Sandy Soils under Different Density and Fertilization Treatments

Foliar Application of Salicylic Acid Improves Water Stress Tolerance in Conocarpus erectus L. and Populus deltoides L. Saplings: Evidence from Morphological, Physiological, and Biochemical Changes

In the tripartite combination ozone-poplar-Chrysomela populi, the pollutant alters the plant-insect interaction via primary metabolites of foliage.

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Sexual differences in above- and belowground herbivore resistance between male and female poplars as affected by soil cadmium stress.

Morphological, physiological, and transcriptional responses to low nitrogen stress in Populus deltoides Marsh. clones with contrasting nitrogen use efficiency

Growth performance of Ganoderma lucidum using billet method in Garhwal Himalaya, India

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Interconversion between methoxylated, hydroxylated and sulfated metabolites of PCB 3 in whole poplar plants.

The Receptor-Like Kinase ERECTA Confers Improved Water Use Efficiency and Drought Tolerance to Poplar via Modulating Stomatal Density

Physiological and Molecular Analysis Reveals the Differences of Photosynthesis between Colored and Green Leaf Poplars

A Model to Assess Eastern Cottonwood Water Flow Using Adjusted Vapor Pressure Deficit Associated with a Climate Change Impact Application

Biochemical and Gene Expression Analyses in Different Poplar Clones: The Selection Tools for Afforestation of Halomorphic Environments

Water Use, Efficiency, and Stomatal Sensitivity in Eastern Cottonwood and Hybrid Poplar Varietals on Contrasting Sites in the Southeastern United States

Radial Variation Studies on Wood Properties of Populus deltoides Parents and Their Hybrids

Potential habitat and productivity loss of Populus deltoides industrial forest plantations due to global warming

Identification of gene products involved in plant colonization by Pantoea sp. YR343 using a diguanylate cyclase expressed in the presence of plants

Complete chloroplast genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis of Populus deltoides Caihong

Morphological Physiological and Transcriptional Response to Low Nitrogen Stress in Populus Deltoides Marsh. Clones With Contrasting Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Diverse Understory Vegetation Alleviates Nitrogen Competition with Crop Trees in Poplar Plantations

Genome Assembly of Salicaceae Populus deltoides (Eastern Cottonwood) I-69 Based on Nanopore Sequencing and Hi-C Technologies

Analysis of Allergen Components and Identification of Bioactivity of HSP70 in Pollen of Populus Deltoides

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تاثیر شرایط پرس بر خواص فیزیکی و مکانیکی صنوبر تیمار شده با فرایند گرمآبی- مکانیکی

Contribution and consequences of xylem-transported CO2 assimilation for C3 plants.

Projected warming disrupts the synchrony of riparian seed release and snowmelt streamflow.

Effects of Pressing Time on Some Technological Properties of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Produced Using Nylon Waste as Adhesive

Using the rapid A-Ci response (RACiR) in the Li-Cor 6400 to measure developmental gradients of photosynthetic capacity in poplar.

Proline-rich protein gene PdPRP regulates secondary wall formation in poplar.

Carbon storage and allocation pattern in plant biomass under drought stress and nitrogen supply in Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Populus deltoides

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Altered water uptake patterns of Populus deltoides in mixed riparian forest stands.

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Deciphering the main determinants of O3 tolerance in Euramerican poplar genotypes.

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A survey of trace metal burdens in increment cores from eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) across a childhood cancer cluster, Sandusky County, OH, USA.

Potato cultivars differ in response to date of planting in intercrop with poplar (Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh.) in irrigated agro-ecosystem of north-west India

Variability in flooding tolerance, growth and leaf traits in a Populus deltoides intraspecific progeny.

Effect of the root biotechnical characteristics of Alnus subcordata, Paulownia fortunei and Populus deltoides on the soil mechanics.

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Aquaporins and water control in drought-stressed poplar leaves: A glimpse into the extraxylem vascular territories

Divergent host plant utilization by adults and offspring is related to intra-plant variation in chemical defenses.

Complete Genome Sequence of Terriglobus albidus Strain ORNL, an Acidobacterium Isolated from the Populus deltoides Rhizosphere

Ectopic expression of secretory peptide PdEPF3 in Arabidopsis confers drought tolerance with reduced stomatal density

New species of Septoria associated with leaf spot diseases in Iran

Interspecific hybridisation and LTR-retrotransposon mobilisation-related structural variation in plants: A case study.

The First Record of a North American Poplar Leaf Rust Fungus, Melampsora medusae, in China

Methanogenic Archaea dominate mature heartwood habitats of Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides).

Deciphering Genetic Architecture of Adventitious Root and Related Shoot Traits in Populus Using QTL Mapping and RNA-Seq Data

Changes in growth and soil microbial communities in reciprocal grafting clones between Populus deltoides males and females exposed to water deficit conditions

Identification of Populus Small RNAs Responsive to Mutualistic Interactions With Mycorrhizal Fungi, Laccaria bicolor and Rhizophagus irregularis