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Longitudinal Relationships Between Reflective Functioning, Empathy, and Externalizing Behaviors During Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Eugenol allergy mimicking recurrent aphthous stomatitis and burning mouth syndrome

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Towards an ICF-based self-report questionnaire for people with skeletal dysplasia to study health, functioning, disability and accessibility

In Aggregate: Trends, Needs, and Opportunities from Research Data Management Surveys

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Orthogonal MET analysis in a population-representative stage II-III colon cancer cohort: prognostic and potential therapeutic implications.

The role of a critical care outreach service in the management of patients with haematological malignancy

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A Test in Context: Interpretation of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Assays in Different Clinical Settings.

Multi-level QI interventions in a safety-net academic oncology clinic.

A review of trauma and orthopaedic randomised clinical trials published in high-impact general medical journals

Psoriasis Prevalence and Severity by Expert Elicitation

A Job Analysis to Define the Role of the Pharmacy Preceptor

Use of Dental Care Among Pregnant Women in the Brazilian Unified Health System.

Symbolic (image) capital of Perm region cities: semantic approach to assessment of quality of the urban environment

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Population Assessed 평가된 인구

Population Assessed 평가된 인구
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