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Virtual Ziggurats

As representações históricas e constitutivas de Internacional e Grêmio no futebol gaúcho e seus enredos sociais

From Hitler’s Disciple to Wartime Refugee

Urban Folklore, Urban Legend

Geographical Metaphors in Everyday Life

Reformation of the senses: the paradox of religious belief and practice in Germany. Studies in sensory history

Wilding the domestic: Camp servants and glamping in British India

Skepticism and the Digital Information Environment

Narrative and metaphors in New Zealand’s efforts to eliminate COVID‐19

Toward a bioethical perspective for posthumanist aesthetics: Bioart as an example

Pandemic/Screen. The visual motif of police violence in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic

“Fake” Femininity?: Gendered Authenticity Policing in Influencer Hateblogs

Friendship Between Human Beings and AI Robots?

Direito e pesquisa: Um dossiê de artigos científicos - Volume 2

Early Modern Transgender Fairies

Old Routes, New Dreams: Reminiscences of the Southern Silk Road and Bengal-China Connectivities

La imaginabilidad urbana en Pachuca de Soto. Un análisis visual desde sus cronistas digitales

The Woman in the Wilderness

Chesnutt, Turpentine, and the Political Ecology of White Supremacy


Anzac, Empire and War: Australian Nationalism and the Campaign for Imperial Federation

‘Balla Ghooma Stadium jhooma’: Shifting discourse of cricket commentary in India

Incitement, Anwar Al-Awlaki’s Western Jihad

“He Who Laughs Last!” Terrorists, Nihilists, and Jokers


Broken guardians: the lamassu and fragmented historical vision in nineteenth-century France

China in the Popular Imagination

A Case for Psychoanalytic Visual Dispositif? : Birdman after the “Cinematographic Capture”

Entropy and Wealth

Multilayered Consequences in a Turmoil Zone: A Study of Lived Experiences of Women in Jammu and Kashmir

The Portrayal of Continental Latin America in the James Bond Films

Pop Beckett: Intersections with Popular Culture, Paul Stewart, David Pattie (eds.)

Caught in the Regime: Classical Music and the Individual in the Contemporary Novel

Trauma expressed pathologically: Unpacking the use of tuberculosis as a metaphor in Ritwik Ghatak’s Meghe Dhaka Tara

Concrete Oceans: The Dolos, Apartheid Engineering, and the Intertidal Zone

Con)Artistic Strategies for How to Succeed in the Art Market

Postmodernism in the Twenty-First Century: Jordan Peterson, Jean Baudrillard and the Problem of Chaos

Homo ad Circulum

Tradução comentada do conto “Petrosinella” de Giambattista Basile

Spirits as technology: tech-gnosis and the ambivalent politics of the invisible in Indonesia

Entering the Contact Zone: Reflections on a Conceptual Framework Used to Study Brazilian Fashion

Building Resilient Urban Communities

Designing from the rural

Toy robots on YouTube: Consumption and peer production at the robotic moment

From the Editor—Integrating the Grand Challenges Into Social Work Education

Representations of British Chinese identities and British television drama: mapping the field

Globalisation and Women’s Work in the Beedi Industry

The American West as a social-ecological region: drivers, dynamics and implications for nested social-ecological systems

Mars and Beyond: The Feasibility of Living in the Solar System

(Re)-migration: Indonesians of mixed descent and the journey ‘home’

What I learned from this book I wrote: a rejoinder by Karida L. Brown

Testosterone for depression?

The Creative System of Engineering

Portrayal of Turkish–German migratory relations in Turkish films of the 1980s: a call for an alternative reading


A construção do ídolo pop em programas de reality show musical : sobre o The Voice Brasil

Scabs and Traitors: taboo, violence and punishment in labour disputes in Britain, 1760–1871

The manipulations of time: On the temporal embeddedness of urban insecurity

Female Performers in the Greco-Roman World: An Introduction

History in Sight and Sound

Screening Colonial Modernity: Cinematic Re-Imaginations of Colonial Korea in the 2000s

Punishment, legitimacy and taste: The role and limits of mainstream and social media in constructing attitudes towards community sanctions

‘You’re actually the problem’: manifestations of populist masculinist anxieties in Australian higher education

Ireland’s Imperial Moment: Wolseley and Roberts in Command

ENERGY WITHOUT CONSCIENCE: Oil, Climate Change, and Complicity. By David McDermott Hughes. 208 p.; diagrs., ills., index. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2017. $89.95 (cloth), isbn: 9780822363064; $23.95 (paper), isbn 9780822362982.

Unknown outcomes, no guarantees: Lawrence Grossberg and experimentation

Our own dark hearts: re-evaluating the medieval dungeon

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