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Potential inhibitor of adenylyl sulfate reductase isolated from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans with PU/PU-Ag to control pitting corrosion of oil tanks and pipelines.

Quantitative analysis of the representative volume element of polymer grouting materials based on geometric homogenization

Investigation of Temperature Effect on Strength Properties of Polyurethane-Treated Sand

Thiol-Ene Click Inspired Late-Stage Modification of Long-Chain Polyurethane Dendrimers

Optimal Design and Numerical Analysis of Soil Slope Reinforcement by a New Developed Polymer Micro Anti-slide Pile

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon accumulation in aged and unaged polyurethane microplastics in contaminated soil.

Novel polyurea/polyurethane nanocapsules loaded with a tambjamine analog to improve cancer chemotherapy delivery and safety in lung cancer

Improved performance of the subgrade bed under the slab track of high-speed railway using polyurethane adhesive

Biodegradation of polyacrylic and polyester polyurethane coatings by enriched microbial communities

Liquefaction of alder wood as the source of renewable and sustainable polyols for preparation of polyurethane resins

Polymer Design for 3D Printing Elastomers: Recent Advances in Structure, Properties, and Printing

Polyurethane-based stabilization of railroad ballast – a critical review

Stretchable Conductive Hybrid Films Consisting of Cubic Silsesquioxane-capped Polyurethane and Poly(3-hexylthiophene)

Humidity-resistant triboelectric energy harvester using electrospun PVDF/PU nanofibers for flexibility and air permeability.

Concentration of renewable products of crude bio-oil from thermal cracking of the methyl esters in castor oil

Experimental investigation of the oil based Aphron drilling fluid for determining the most stable fluid formulation

The use of flat steel-polymer supporting ropes in mining multi-pole hoisting devices

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Polyurethane Polymer 폴리우레탄 폴리머

Polyurethane Polymer 폴리우레탄 폴리머
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