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Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Monodisperse Polystyrene Spheres

Chemical Imaging of Single Anisotropic Polystyrene/Poly (Methacrylate) Microspheres with Complex Hierarchical Architecture

Reversibly compressible and freestanding monolithic carbon spherogels

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Mechanical, magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of porous Fe-Ga films prepared by electrodeposition

A simple way to fabricate pure anatase 2D TiO2 IO monolayer: structure, color control and its application in electrochromism

Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Diameter Polystyrene Spheres

Detection, counting and characterization of nanoplastics in marine bioindicators: a proof of principle study

Longitudinal eigenvibration of multilayer colloidal crystals and the effect of nanoscale contact bridges.

Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Μm Polystyrene Spheres

Continuous-Flow Electrokinetic Enrichment/Separation of Nanoparticles Using 3d Microelectrode Tracks

Amoebae Assemble Synthetic Spherical Particles To Form Reproducible Constructs.

Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Colloidal Polystyrene Spheres

Aluminum film over nanosphere surface for Deep Ultraviolet plasmonic nanosensors

The Structural Colors of Photonic Glasses

Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Μm Polystyrene Spheres

Cell size matters: Nano- and micro-plastics preferentially drive declines of large marine phytoplankton due to co-aggregation.

Cell size matters: nano- and micro-plastics preferentially drive declines of large marine phytoplankton due to co-aggregation

Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Nm Polystyrene Spheres

Anionic/nonionic surfactants for controlled synthesis of highly concentrated sub-50 nm polystyrene spheres

Retention characteristics of sterile filters – Effect of pore size and structure

Polystyrene Spheres sentence examples within Coated Polystyrene Spheres

Pre-fertilization exposure of sperm to nano-sized plastic particles decreases offspring size and swimming performance in the European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus).

N‐Doped Carbon Nanotubes Derived from Graphene Oxide with Embedment of FeCo Nanoparticles as Bifunctional Air Electrode for Rechargeable Liquid and Flexible All‐Solid‐State Zinc–Air Batteries

Phase stability of colloidal mixtures of spheres and rods.

Method to determine the concentrations of constituents in a bidisperse turbid medium using Monte Carlo simulation for mixtures

Characterization of extracellular vesicles and synthetic nanoparticles with four orthogonal single‐particle analysis platforms

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Acoustofluidic interferometric device : for optomechanical cytometry

Manufacture of unitary/binary ordered arrays employing self-assembled nanocolloid lithography

Electrokinetic detection of the salt-free condition in colloids. Application to polystyrene latexes.

Facile synthesis of hierarchically porous ZIF@LDH core-shell structure for high performance supercapacitors.

Photonic Crystal of Polystyrene Nanomembrane: Signal Amplification and Low Triggered Potential Electrochemiluminescence for Tetracycline Detection.

Binary Self-Assembly of Nanocolloidal Arrays Using Concurrent and Sequential Spin Coating Techniques

TiO2 Inverse Opals Modified by Ag Nanoparticles: A Synergic Effect of Enhanced Visible-Light Absorption and Efficient Charge Separation for Visible-Light Photocatalysis

Optical properties of quasi-ordered 112̅2 AlGaN multi-quantum-well nanorod arrays

Experimental Verification of the Behavior of a Double Negative Metamaterial Composed of Planar Resonant Elements

Evaluation of non-invasive toxicological analysis of nano-polystyrene in relative in vivo conditions to D. magna

Morphology-Controllable Gold Hierarchically Micro/Nanostructured Arrays Prepared by Electrodeposition on Colloidal Monolayer and their Structurally Related Wettability

Poor optical stability of molecular dyes when used as absorbers in water-based tissue-simulating phantoms

Buffer-layer-assisted morphological manipulation of metal nanoparticle arrays by laser irradiation

Removal of carbamazepine, diclofenac and trimethoprim by solar driven advanced oxidation processes in a compound triangular collector based reactor: A comparison between homogeneous and heterogeneous processes.

Encapsulation pyrolysis synchronous deposition for hollow carbon sphere with tunable textural properties

Insight into a class of cobalt nitrides for oxygen evolution catalysis: Nitrogen-rich matters

Multiscale organization of a size gradient of gold nanoparticles in a honeycomb structure network

Preparation and evaluation of a porous molecularly imprinted polymer for selective recognition of the antiepileptic drug carbamazepine.

Linker-protein G mediated functionalization of polystyrene-encapsulated upconversion nanoparticles for rapid gene assay using convective PCR

The Influences of Optical Forces on the Lattice Structure of Electrorheological Suspensions

Selective near infrared transmittance control of thermochromic VO2 thin films through colloidal lithography

Light extraction enhancement of BGO scintillator by monolayers of SiO2 periodic array

Synthesis of Ta/Ni microcavity array film for highly sensitive uric acid detection

Influence of the drying configuration on the patterning of ellipsoids - concentric rings and concentric cracks.

Functional macroporous iron-phosphorous films by electrodeposition on colloidal crystal templates

Controllable synthesis of hierarchical polysilsesquioxane surfaces: from spheres-on-sphere to bowls-on-sphere structure

Plasmonic Ordered Pore Arrays Ag Film Coated Glass: Transparent and Solar Heat Reflective Material.

The Excitation of Ultrasound by Laser Radiation in Water Using an Optical Fiber Laser Converter with a 2D Colloidal Crystalline Coating

Engineered polar magneto-optical Kerr rotation through Wood–Rayleigh anomalies and magnetoplamon resonance coupling

Packed Bed Photoreactor for the Removal of Water Pollutants Using Visible Light Emitting Diodes

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) optical fibers for remote sensing

Sn accommodation in tunable-void and porous graphene bumper for high-performance Li- and Na-ion storage

Microplastic biofilm in fresh- and wastewater as a function of microparticle type and size class

Quantitative Measurement of the Optical Cross Sections of Single Nano-objects by Correlative Transmission and Scattering Microspectroscopy

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