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Microfluidic electric parallel egg-laying assay and application to in-vivo toxicity screening of microplastics using C. elegans.

Microparticle concentration and separation inside a droplet using phononic-crystal scattered standing surface acoustic waves

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Time-domain signal averaging to improve microparticles detection and enumeration accuracy in a microfluidic impedance cytometer

Time‐domain signal averaging to improve microparticles detection and enumeration accuracy in a microfluidic impedance cytometer

Visual quantitation of silver contamination in fresh water via accumulative length of microparticles in capillary-driven microfluidic devices.

Reconfigurable millimeter-range optical binding of dielectric microparticles in hollow-core photonic crystal fiber.

Assessment of the Effects of Environmental Concentrations of Microplastics on the Aquatic Snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum

Microfluidic particle accumulation for visual quantitation of copper ions

Short-term ingestion and tissue incorporation of Polystyrene microplastic in the scleractinian coral Porites porites

Virgin Polystyrene Microparticles Exposure Leads to Changes in Gills DNA and Physical Condition in the Mediterranean Mussel Mytilus Galloprovincialis

A microfluidic microparticle-labeled impedance sensor array for enhancing immunoassay sensitivity.

Separation of particles using the focused acoustic sorting chip based on the wettability treatment

Local reaction fields on a CMOS sensor array utilizing a magneto-Archimedes levitation–based magnetic particle-arrangement method

Analysis of microplastics in consumer products by single particle-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry using the carbon-13 isotope.

Portable microfluidic device with thermometer-like display for real-time visual quantitation of Cadmium(II) contamination in drinking water.

Development of microparticle counting sensor based on structural and spectroscopic properties of metal mesh device

Nanovesicles drive a tunable dynamical arrest of microparticles

Evaluation of membranes performance for microplastic removal in a simple and low-cost filtration system

Impact dynamics of a polystyrene suspension droplet on nonwetting surfaces measured using a quartz crystal microresonator and a high-speed camera

Designing Microparticle-Impregnated Polyelectrolyte Composite: The Combination of ATRP, Fast Azidation, and Click Reaction Using a Single-Catalyst, Single-Pot Strategy

Flow-Through Optical Chromatography in Combination with Confocal Raman Microspectroscopy: A Novel Label-Free Approach To Detect Responses of Live Macrophages to Environmental Stimuli

Microfluidic Particle Dam for Visual and Quantitative Detection of Lead Ions.

An innovative “unlocked mechanism” by a double key avenue for one-pot detection of microRNA-21 and microRNA-141

Micro/nano particle-based oxygen sensing film for monitoring respiration of cells cultured in a microfluidic device

An Optical Method for Quantitatively Determining the Surface Free Energy of Micro- and Nanoparticles.

Cell Internalization in Fluidic Culture Conditions Is Improved When Microparticles Are Specifically Targeted to the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2)

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Polystyrene Microparticles 폴리스티렌 미립자

Polystyrene Microparticles 폴리스티렌 미립자
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