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Investigation of Waste EPS Foams Modified by Heat Treatment Method as Concrete Aggregate

Studies on the adsorption of dyes, Methylene blue, Safranin T, and Malachite green onto Polystyrene foam

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Basic Evaluation of Electrical Characteristics of Ferrite-less and Capacitor-less Coils by Road Embedment Experiment for Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer

Building Systems Based on Foamed Modified Polymers

Polystyrene Foam sentence examples within Waste Polystyrene Foam

Towards potential applications of cement-polymer composites based on recycled polystyrene foam wastes on construction fields: Impact of exposure to water ecologies

Co-pyrolysis of coffee-grounds and waste polystyrene foam: Synergistic effect and product characteristics analysis

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Polystyrene Foam sentence examples within polystyrene foam container

Development of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) in Pathology

Discovery of an Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus population and first records of Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti in Canada

Polystyrene Foam sentence examples within polystyrene foam panel

n-Octadecane/Fumed Silica Phase Change Composite as Building Envelope for High Energy Efficiency

Percutaneous transhepatic biliary puncture simulator: a cord network prototype

Polystyrene Foam sentence examples within polystyrene foam box

Phytophthora cactorum causing bleeding canker of Acer x freemanii in southern Idaho.

Construction of a Low-cost Mobile Incubator for Field and Laboratory Use.

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Active Bending Mechanism Employing Granular Jamming and Vacuum-Controlled Adaptable Gripper

Low-density gel dosimeter for measurement of the electron return effect in an MR-linac.

Polystyrene Foam sentence examples within polystyrene foam waste

Near infrared light responsive self-healing superhydrophobic coating based on solid wastes.

Impact of water flooding on hard cement-recycled polystyrene composite immobilizing radioactive sulfate waste simulate

Polystyrene Foam sentence examples within polystyrene foam board

Performance and Economical Analysis of Different Insulating Materials Used to Reduce the Heat Load of an Existing Residential Building

Material Investigation on Radio Frequency Transparency and Thermal Stress Relaxation

Microplastics on plankton samples: Multiple digestion techniques assessment based on weight, size, and FTIR spectroscopy analyses.

Investigating the mechanical and thermal properties of compressed earth bricks made by eco-friendly stabilization materials as partial or full replacement of cement

Experimental and numerical study of insulation packages containing dry ice pellets

Prozessparameter beim Heißdrahtschneiden/Determination of proper process parameters for hot wire cutting with an industrial robot

Improving seawater desalination efficiency by solar driven interfacial evaporation based on biochar evaporator of Nannochloropsis oculata residue

Microplastics on beaches and mangrove sediments along the coast of South China.

Superelastic, Ultralight, and Conductive Ti3C2Tx MXene/Acidified Carbon Nanotube Anisotropic Aerogels for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding.

Tenebrio Molitor: Possible Source of Polystyrene-Degrading Bacteria

New technology of greening waste to make buffer packaging materials

Use of Insulation Based on Nanomaterials to Improve Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in a Hot Desert Climate

Experimental study of natural cork and cork agglomerates as a substitute for expanded polystyrene foams under compressive loads

Remote Friction Control on 3-dimensional Object Made of Polystyrene Foam Using Airborne Ultrasound Focus

Intrinsic flame retardancy of poly(lactic acid) bead foams

Electrostatic Method to Remove Particulate Organic Matter from Soil.

New insights into the structure and function of the prokaryotic communities colonizing plastic debris collected in King George Island (Antarctica): Preliminary observations from two plastic fragments.

Kinked Bisamides as Efficient Supramolecular Foam Cell Nucleating Agents for Low-Density Polystyrene Foams with Homogeneous Microcellular Morphology

Ultra-light 3D fabric Reinforced Composite with Distinct Thermal Insulation and Superior Sound-absorbing Properties

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Heat transfer enhancement in pool boiling of liquid nitrogen using a low thermal conductive layer with openings

Long-term trends of microplastics in seawater and farmed oysters in the Maowei Sea, China.

Thermal insulation design for efficient and scalable solar water interfacial evaporation and purification

Permittivity Estimates of Dielectric Spheres Using Radar Scattering Measurements

Investigation of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks–derived carbon nanotubes thin film in solar vapor generation

Morphology control of extruded polystyrene foams with benzene-trisamide-based nucleating agents

Robust Superhydrophobic Cellulose Nanofiber Aerogel for Multifunctional Environmental Applications

Functionalized carbon materials for efficient solar steam and electricity generation

Gas in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy

A prediction model using response surface methodology based on cell size and foam density to predict thermal conductivity of polystyrene foams

Mechanical performance of polystyrene foam (EPS): Experimental and numerical analysis


Light-Weight Structures: Proposals of Resource-Saving Supporting Structures

Characterization of polystyrene nanocomposites and expanded nanocomposites reinforced with cellulose nanofibers and nanocrystals

A flowerlike sponge coated with carbon black nanoparticles for enhanced solar vapor generation

Distribution and composition of plastic debris along the river shore in the Selenga River basin in Mongolia

Thin film technology for solar steam generation: A new dawn

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Polystyrene Foam 폴리스티렌 폼

Polystyrene Foam 폴리스티렌 폼
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