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Polymeric Films sentence examples within electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

New possibilities of 2-pyranone derivatives – Thermal, optical and electrochemical properties

Optical and Photoelectrochemical Investigation of Mixed Photoactive Poly 2,2’,5,2’’ ter-thiophene and Poly 2,2 bithiophene. Role of Intermixed Phases Created By the Co-electro-polymerization Process

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Thin Polymeric Films

Ruthenium bipyridine complexes as electrochemiluminescent transducers for ionophore-based ion-selective detection.

Thin Films of Plasma-Polymerized n-Hexane and ZnO Nanoparticles Co-Deposited via Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Composite Polymeric Films

Polyvinyl alcohol-phytic acid polymer films as promising gas/vapor sorption materials

Photoconductivity of Polyalkanetherimide Composite Films Containing Rubrene Microcrystals and Magnetic Nanoparticles

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Flexible Polymeric Films

Enhancing barrier properties of biodegradable film by reinforcing with 2D heterostructure

Influence of LiCl and AgNO3 Doping on the Electrical Conductivity of PVA Flexible Electrolyte Polymer Film

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Ultrathin Polymeric Films

Metal–Insulator Transition of Ultrathin Sputtered Metals on Phenolic Resin Thin Films: Growth Morphology and Relations to Surface Free Energy and Reactivity

Antibacterial response of polylactide surfaces modified with hydrophilic polymer brushes

Polymeric Films sentence examples within New Polymeric Films

Optical absorption and linear/nonlinear parameters of polyvinyl alcohol films doped by fullerene

New Polymeric Films with Antibacterial Activity Obtained by UV-induced Copolymerization of Acryloyloxyalkyltriethylammonium Salts with 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Photoactive Polymeric Films

Surface, interface and electronic studies on anthracene derived polymeric thin films for OLED applications

Antimicrobial photodynamic polymeric films bearing biscarbazol-triphenylamine end-capped dendrimeric Zn(II) porphyrin.

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Transparent Polymeric Films

Colourless luminescent solar concentrators based on Iridium(III)-Phosphors

Using Transparent Conducting Coatings for Warming Transparent Roofs

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Commercial Polymeric Films

Commercial Bio-Packaging to Preserve the Quality and Extend the Shelf-Life of Vegetables: The Case-Study of Pumpkin Samples Studied by a Multimethodological Approach

Laser-Induced Microporous Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Chitosan Carbon-Dot Coating as a Novel Combined Preservation Method for Fresh-Cut Cucumber

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Natural Polymeric Films

A study on optical and thermal properties of natural polymer-based hemicellulose compounds

Plant-based biocomposite films as potential antibacterial patches for skin wound healing

Polymeric Films sentence examples within Doped Polymeric Films

Effect of nanoscale dielectric environments on concentration quenching

Effect of Thickness of a Dye-doped Polymeric Film on the Concentration Quenching of Luminescence

Polymeric Films sentence examples within polymeric films containing

Development of Spanish Broom and Flax Dressings with Glycyrrhetinic Acid-Loaded Films for Wound Healing: Characterization and Evaluation of Biological Properties

Effect of Polyethylene Film Thickness on the Antimicrobial Activity of Embedded Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Polymeric Films sentence examples within polymeric films may

Exploring Electroactive Microenvironments in Polymer-Based Nanocomposites to Sensitize Bacterial Cells to Low Doses of Antimicrobials

Exploring electroactive microenvironments in polymer-based nanocomposites to sensitize bacterial cells to low-dose embedded silver nanoparticles.

Polymeric Films sentence examples within polymeric films obtained

Reusable polymeric films for fluorometric Al3+ detection in anti-counterfeiting and security applications

Investigation on the convection flow effect on the surface and depth of the evaporative polymeric solutions via PIV method

Polymeric Films sentence examples within polymeric films loaded

Ultrabright Fluorescent Polymeric Nanofibers and Coatings Based on Ionic Dye Insulation with Bulky Counterions.

Thin Films of Plasma-Polymerized n-Hexane and ZnO Nanoparticles Co-Deposited via Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

Bubble Forming Films for Spatial Selective Cell Killing.

Ionic Inter-Particle Complexation Effect on the Performance of Waterborne Coatings

Environmentally friendly polymeric films based on biocarbon, synthetic zeolite and PVP for agricultural chemistry

Statistical and block conjugated polymers for bulk heterojunction solar cells: Molecular orientation, charge transfer dynamics and device performance

More Polymeric Films 고분자 필름 sentence examples

Polyamide desalination membranes: Formation, structure, and properties

Recognition of Heavy Metal Ions by Using E-5-((5-Isopropyl-3, 8-Dimethylazulen-1-yl) Dyazenyl)-1H-Tetrazole Modified Electrodes

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Improving the Barrier Properties of Food Packaging by Al2O3@TiO2 & Al2O3@SiO2 Nanoparticles

Alignment of linear polymeric grains for highly stable N-type thin-film transistors

Computer System for Processing Industrial Information for Controlling the Production of Multi-Assortment Polymeric Films

Development of Regenerated Cellulose/Citric Acid Films with Ionic Liquids

SO2- and NOx- initiated atmospheric degradation of polymeric films: Morphological and chemical changes, influence of relative humidity and inorganic pigments

The contribution of nano‐based strategies in overcoming ceftriaxone resistance: a literature review

Active Biopolymeric Films Inoculated with Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, a Predatory Bacterium

Incorporation of Fluorescent Dyes in Electrospun Chitosan/Poly(ethylene oxide)

Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Optical and Theoretical Characterization of Novel 2-(imidazo[1,5-a]pyridine-1-yl)pyridinium Salts

More Polymeric Films 고분자 필름 sentence examples

Nanoparticle-impregnated biopolymers as novel antimicrobial nanofilms

Flame-retardant MXene/Polyimide Film with Outstanding Thermal and Mechanical Properties Based on the Secondary Orientation Strategy

Electromagnetic Field Radiation Generated by Dielectric Barrier Discharge

Sustained Release of Curcumin Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS) from Solvent-Cast Soluplus® Films.

Tin-Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid Complexes as Photostabilizers for Poly(vinyl chloride)

Molecularly Imprinted Nanofilms for Endotoxin Detection Using an Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor.

Engineering of superhydrophobic silica microparticles and thin coatings on polymeric films by ultrasound irradiation

Cyanopyridone doped PMMA films as UV and blue light filters: Preparation and characterization

Prevention and Treatment of Fungal Skin Infections Using Cationic Polymeric Films

Nanofiller-assisted Na+-conducting polymer nanocomposite for ultracapacitor: structural, dielectric and electrochemical properties

Effect of composition on permeability, mechanical properties and biodegradation of PBAT/PCL blends films

Fabrication of intelligent pH-sensing films with antioxidant potential for monitoring shrimp freshness via the fortification of chitosan matrix with broken Riceberry phenolic extract.

Tailoring the growth and proliferation of human dermal fibroblasts by DNA-based polymer films for skin regeneration.

Localized Quantitative Analysis of Polymeric Films through Laser Ablation–Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Preparation of Polypropylene/silver nanoparticles Nanocomposite films and Evaluation of its Barrier and Antimicrobial Properties for Packaging Applications

Study of Optical properties of Polymer PVP thin films grafted by Fluorescence dyes

Studying the Structural and Morphological Properties of (PMMA) Film under D.C Discharge Plasma

Multifunctional Porphyrin-based dyes for cations detection in solution and thermoresponsive low-cost materials

Periodic Stratified Porous Structures in Dynamic Polyelectrolyte Films Through Standing‐Wave Optical Crosslinking for Structural Color

Benzo[1,2-d:4,5-d′]bisthiazole fluorophores for luminescent solar concentrators: synthesis, optical properties and effect of the polymer matrix on the device performances

Surface Plasmon Resonance Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Film for l-Phenylalanine Detection

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