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Polymer Phase sentence examples within Continuou Polymer Phase

The validity of the time-lag method for the characterization of mixed-matrix membranes

High performance solid-state sodium batteries enabled by boron contained 3D composite polymer electrolyte

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Two Polymer Phase

Multilobular morphology: the key for biphase multifunctional nanogels.

A new strategy to improve viscoelasticity, crystallization and mechanical properties of polylactide

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Amorphou Polymer Phase

Ordering of the Amorphous Phase as One of the Characteristics of Supramolecular Structure of Amorphous-Crystalline Polymer

“All-in-Gel” design for supercapacitors towards solid-state energy devices with thermal and mechanical compliance

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Pure Polymer Phase

Ultrafast Charge Separation from a “Cold” Charge-Transfer State Driven by Nonuniform Packing of Polymers at Donor/Acceptor Interfaces

Building intermixed donor-acceptor architectures for water-processable organic photovoltaics.

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Solid Polymer Phase

Thermosensitive gels incorporating cyclic monoazatetrathioether units for the selective extraction of class b metal ions

Pvc and polietilentereftalat in the processes of combustion with substandard coal

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Conventional Polymer Phase

Marginally compact phase and ordered ground states in a model polymer with side spheres.

Chain stiffness bridges conventional polymer and bio-molecular phases.

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Directed Polymer Phase

Translation of Collagen Ultrastructure to Biomaterial Fabrication for Material Independent but Highly Efficient Topographic Immunomodulation

Translation of Collagen Ultrastructure to Biomaterial Fabrication for Material-Independent but Highly Efficient Topographic Immunomodulation.

Polymer Phase sentence examples within Brick Polymer Phase

Compression Fatigue Properties and Damage Mechanisms of a Bioinspired Nacre-Like Ceramic-Polymer Composite

Compression fatigue properties and damage mechanisms of a bioinspired nacre-like ceramic-polymer composite

Polymer Phase sentence examples within One Polymer Phase

Investigating the electrical percolation threshold of ternary composite films with different compatibility between polymer blends

Fabrication of kinetically stable micropolymofoam particles and the spontaneous induction of morphological transformation

Polymer Phase sentence examples within polymer phase separation

Evolution of Polymer Colloid Structure During Precipitation and Phase Separation

Effect of Counterions on Dissolution of Amorphous Solid Dispersions Studied by Surface Area Normalized Dissolution.

Polymer Phase sentence examples within polymer phase transition

Fabrication of thermoresponsive metal-organic nanotube sponge and its application on the adsorption of endocrine-disrupting compounds and pharmaceuticals/personal care products: Experiment and molecular simulation study.

Chemical control of peptide material phase transitions†

Polymer Phase sentence examples within polymer phase diagram

Investigations on the thermoresponsive behavior of copoly(2-oxazoline)s in water

High-pressure small-angle neutron scattering for food studies

Polymer Phase sentence examples within polymer phase change

Experimental and numerical investigations on a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) blown film cooling with a new design of the counter-flow/radial jet air-ring

Gallium-indium nanoparticles as phase change material additives for tunable thermal fluids.

Polymer Phase sentence examples within polymer phase behavior

Recent progress on polydispersity effects on block copolymer phase behavior

Recent Advances in Understanding the Micro- and Nanoscale Phenomena of Amorphous Solid Dispersions.

Effect of Cu-MOFs incorporation on gas separation of Pebax thin film nanocomposite (TFN) membrane

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Theoretical Research On Active Sound Absorption Of 1-3 Piezoelectric Composites Based On Equal Strain Model

More Polymer Phase 폴리머 상 sentence examples

Thermophysical properties of polymer composites based on secondary polypropylene filled with chalk

More Polymer Phase 폴리머 상 sentence examples

On the improvement of thermo-mechanical behavior of carbon/polyphenylene sulfide laminated composites upon annealing at high temperature

Metakaolin and Fly Ash-based Matrices for Geopolymer Materials: Setting Kinetics and Compressive Strength

Preparation and characterization of PAni(CA)/Magnetic iron oxide hybrids and evaluation in adsorption/photodegradation of blue methylene dye

Effect of Nanoscale Confinement on Polymer-Infiltrated Scaffold Metal Composites.

Reactive TiO2 Nanoparticles Compatibilized PLLA/PBSU Blends: Fully Biodegradable Polymer Composites with Improved Physical, Antibacterial and Degradable Properties

Rheological and mechanical behavior of blend-based polymer nanocomposites containing Janus and non-Janus silica nanoparticles

Increasing Adhesion between Components of the Polyethylene–Polychloroprene Mixture When Using Nanofillers

More Polymer Phase 폴리머 상 sentence examples

Creating ionic pathways in solid-state polymer electrolyte by using PVA-coated carbon nanofibers

High Performance, Fully Bio‐Based, and Optically Transparent Wood Biocomposites

Pervaporation Zeolite-Based Composite Membranes for Solvent Separations

Concept of Similarity Method for Prediction of Fatigue Life of Pavement Structures with HiMA Binder in Asphalt Layers

Sorption of Pyridine-3-carboxylic Acid by Fe-Containing Sulfonic Acid Cation Exchanger KU-2

Polyvinylpyrrolidone/Montmorillonite/Zinc Oxide Bionanosystems Prepared by Spray Drying.

Effect of SiO2 Particles on the Relaxation Dynamics of Epoxidized Natural Rubber (ENR) in the Melt State by Time-Resolved Mechanical Spectroscopy

Triple Emulsion-Based Rapid Microfluidic Production of Core-Shell Hydrogel Microspheres for Programmable Biomolecular Conjugation.

Influence of Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Compounds on Thermal Effects in Their Mixtures with Low-Density Polyethylene after High-Pressure Plastic Deformation

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Behavior of alkali-activated pozzocrete-fly ash paste modified with ceramic tile waste against elevated temperatures and seawater attacks

Characterization of bending behavior of hydroxyapatite/biopolymer porous composite beams

Controlling n-Type Molecular Doping via Regiochemistry and Polarity of Pendant Groups on Low Band Gap Donor–Acceptor Copolymers

Arresting grain boundaries with topology

An update on polymer-lipid hybrid systems for improving oral drug delivery

Chitosan based polymer/bioglass composites for tissue engineering applications.

Economic Method for Extraction/Purification of a Burkholderia cepacia Lipase with Potential Biotechnology Application

Solid–liquid partitioning bioreactors for industrial wastewater treatment

Mixed matrix membranes with a thermally rearranged polymer and ZIF-8 for hydrogen separation

Characterization of mixed matrix membranes by adsorption and fractal analysis

Characterisation of phases and deformation temperature for additively manufactured shape memory polymer components fabricated from rubberised acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Structure and chemical stability in perovskite–polymer hybrid photovoltaic materials

Estimation of interphase properties of various mixed matrix membranes

A novel magnetic bifunctional nanocomposite scaffold for photothermal therapy and tissue engineering.

Free volume structure of PMMA based nanocomposites and its correlation with the thermal properties

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High-pressure stable phases in mercury azide

More Polymer Phase 폴리머 상 sentence examples

Abrasion resistance behaviour of fly ash based geopolymer using nanoindentation and artificial neural network

Biomimetic urchin-like surface based on poly (lactic acid) membrane for robust anti-wetting and anti-bacteria properties