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Nanocomposite of cellulose and magnetite-magnesia as catalyst for biodiesel from coconut oil

Fluorescent Cationic Conjugated Polymer-Based Adaptive Developing Strategy for Both Sebaceous and Blood Fingerprints.

Synergistic effect of reduced graphene oxide/azo-polymer layers on electrochemical performance and application as nonenzymatic chemiresistor sensors for detecting superoxide anion radicals

Effect of raw material composition of wood plastic composites on surface roughness parameters evaluated with a robust filtering method

Theory of new states, FEXs, Fast-formed EXcited states by the combination of an IR photon and water.

Rutting behavior and rheological modeling of EVA-modified binders in the mixture and binder scales

Synthesis and properties of a P3HT-based ABA triblock copolymer containing a perfluoropolyether central segment

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Polymer Combined 폴리머 결합

Polymer Combined 폴리머 결합
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