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Polyelectrolyte Layer sentence examples within Charged Polyelectrolyte Layer

Electrophoresis of soft particles with hydrophobic inner core grafted with pH-regulated and highly charged polyelectrolyte layer.

Electroosmotic flow and transport of ionic species through a slit soft nanochannel filled with general electrolytes

Polyelectrolyte Layer sentence examples within Outer Polyelectrolyte Layer

Electrokinetics of Concentrated Suspension of Soft Particles with pH-Regulated Volumetric Charges.

Electrophoresis of pH-regulated zwitterionic soft particle: a semi-analytical study

Polyelectrolyte Layer sentence examples within Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Layer

Accelerating charge transfer via nonconjugated polyelectrolyte interlayers toward efficient versatile photoredox catalysis

Lithium-Ion-Based Conjugated Polyelectrolyte as an Interface Material for Efficient and Stable Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells.

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Polyelectrolyte Layer sentence examples within Adsorbed Polyelectrolyte Layer

Adsorption of Binary Mixture of Highly Positively Charged PTMA5M and Partially Negatively Charged PAA onto PSL Particles Studied by Means of Brownian Motion Particle Tracking and Electrophoresis.

Adsorption of Carboxymethyl Cellulose onto Titania Particle Films Studied with In Situ IR Spectroscopic Analysis.

Polyelectrolyte Layer sentence examples within Dense Polyelectrolyte Layer

Space Electroosmotic Thrusters in Ion Partitioning Soft Nanochannels

Hydrodynamic dispersion by electroosmotic flow in soft microchannels: Consideration of different properties for electrolyte and polyelectrolyte layer

Tripling the reverse electrodialysis power generation in conical nanochannels utilizing soft surfaces.

Ion-partitioning effects on electrokinetic flow of generalized Maxwell fluids through polyelectrolyte layer-coated nanopore under AC electric field

Fabrication of surface-charged MXene membrane and its application for water desalination

Augmentation of the reverse electrodialysis power generation in soft nanochannels via tailoring the soft layer properties

Theoretical Evaluation of Polyelectrolyte Layering during Layer-by-Layer Coating of Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes

Fabrication of a Nanoplasmonic Chip to Enhance Neuron Membrane Potential Imaging by Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence Effect

New sight at the organization of layers of multilayer polyelectrolyte microcapsules

Co-immobilization of antioxidant enzymes on titania nanosheets for reduction of oxidative stress in colloid systems.

Controlling the growth of Escherichia coli by layer-by-layer encapsulation.

Polarity studies of single polyelectrolyte layers in polyelectrolyte multilayers probed by steady state and life time doxorubicin fluorescence.

PEGylated dihydromyricetin-loaded nanoliposomes coated with tea saponin inhibit bacterial oxidative respiration and energy metabolism.

Surface Plasmon Resonance Field-Enhanced Fluorescence Properties of Gold Quantum Dots on Polyelectrolyte Multilayers and Their H2O2 Sensor Application

Controlling pore structure of polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membranes by tuning polyelectrolyte-salt interactions

Polyelectrolyte adsorption in single small nanochannel by layer-by-layer method.

Soft electrodes in water desalination: application to multi-valent ions

Opening organic solvent pathways by molybdenum disulfide in mixed matrix membranes for molecular separation

Rotating electroosmotic flows in soft parallel plate microchannels

Gap-mode excitation, manipulation, and refractive-index sensing application by gold nanocube arrays.

Virus-Sized Gold Nanorods: Plasmonic Particles for Biology.

Formation of Monolithic Ion-Selective Transport Media Based on “Click” Cross-Linked Hyperbranched Polyglycerol

Assembly of Soft Electrodes and Ion Exchange Membranes for Capacitive Deionization

Layer-by-Layer Assembly for Nanoarchitectonics

Thickness of Polyelectrolyte Layers of Separately Confined Bacteria Alters Key Physiological Parameters on a Single Cell Level

Mass transfer of a neutral solute in polyelectrolyte grafted soft nanochannel with porous wall

Fabrication of Hybrid Nanostructures Based on Fe3O4 Nanoclusters as Theranostic Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Drug Delivery

SPR sensor based on polyelectrolyte complexes with DNA inclusion

Heat Transport of Electrokinetic Flow in Slit Soft Nanochannels

Rotating electroosmotic flow through a polyelectrolyte-grafted microchannel: An analytical solution

Bioelectrochemical Properties of Enzyme-Containing Multilayer Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules Modified with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Significant alteration in DNA electrophoretic translocation velocity through soft nanopores by ion partitioning.

Enabling magnetic resonance imaging of hollow-core microstructured optical fibers via nanocomposite coating.

Effect of ion partitioning on electrophoresis of soft particles

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Polyelectrolyte Layer 고분자 전해질 층

Polyelectrolyte Layer 고분자 전해질 층
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