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Polyelectrolyte Gel sentence examples within Weak Polyelectrolyte Gel

Modeling of weak polyelectrolyte hydrogels under compression – Implications for water desalination

Simulations of ionization equilibria in weak polyelectrolyte solutions and gels.

Polyelectrolyte Gel sentence examples within Swellable Polyelectrolyte Gel

Expansion Microscopy with Multifunctional Polymer Dots.

A unified analysis of the coagulation behaviour of silica hydrosols—when the colloid and polymer science meet

Polyelectrolyte Gel sentence examples within polyelectrolyte gel diode

The rectification mechanism in polyelectrolyte gel diodes

Poisson-Boltzmann modeling and molecular dynamics simulations of polyelectrolyte gel diodes in the static regime.

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Inverted Ion Current Rectification-Based Chemical Delivery Probes for Stimulation of Neurons.

Polyelectrolyte Gels: Fundamentals, Fabrication and Applications

Thin-Layer Electroanalysis Microchip Reveals More about Electrochemical Reactions of Organic Compounds

Revisiting Thin-Layer Electrochemistry in a Chip-Type Cell for the Study of Electroorganic Reactions

Preparation and characterization of gellan gum-chitosan polyelectrolyte complex films with the incorporation of thyme essential oil nanoemulsion

Effect of Nonlinear Elasticity on the Swelling Behaviors of Highly Swollen Polyelectrolyte Gels

Polyelectrolyte Gels: A Unique Class of Soft Materials

Cell Model Approaches for Predicting the Swelling and Mechanical Properties of Polyelectrolyte Gels.

Experimental Evidence for Universal Behavior of Ion-Induced Volume Phase Transition in Sodium Polyacrylate Gels.

Ion-to-ion amplification through an open-junction ionic diode

PVA/glycerol-based lenticular microlens array with tunable focal length depending on electric field polarization effect

Rapid optical tissue clearing using poly(acrylamide-co-styrenesulfonate) hydrogels for three-dimensional imaging.

Study on the Electrospinning of Gelatin/Pullulan Composite Nanofibers

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Polyelectrolyte Gel 고분자 전해질 젤

Polyelectrolyte Gel 고분자 전해질 젤
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