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Development of new sticky and conducting polymer surfaces for MEMS applications

Elaboration and Characterization of Ni (NPs)-PANI Hybrid Material by Electrodeposition for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensing

The effect of electrodeposition applied potential on the electrochemical performance of polyaniline films

Study of Effect TiO2 Thin Film Morphological on Polyaniline/TiO2 Solar Cell Efficiency

Graphene quantum dot-assisted preparation of water-borne reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline: From composite powder to layer-by-layer self-assembly film and performance enhancement

Pb–Ag Alloy Anode Modified with Polyaniline Film and its Electrochemical Performance in Sulfuric Acid Electrolyte

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Polyaniline Films 폴리아닐린 필름

Polyaniline Films 폴리아닐린 필름
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