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Pollution Impact sentence examples within decision making objective

A Three-tier optimization Method for Congestion Evaluation from Angle of Game Relationship

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Air Pollution Impact

Spatial and territorial developments for life cycle assessment applied to urban mobility—case study on Lyon area in France

Impact of Industrial Air Pollution on Agricultural Production

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Environmental Pollution Impact

Globalization and environmental problems in developing countries

Blockchain application to improve Vendor management replenishment in Humanitarian supply chain

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Noise Pollution Impact

Recent progress in acoustic materials and noise control strategies – A review

Noise pollution and its impact on human health and the environment

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Light Pollution Impact

Coral Gametogenesis Collapse under Artificial Light Pollution

Light pollution may create demographic traps for nocturnal insects

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Lower Pollution Impact

Estimating the Price Elasticity of Train Travel Demand and Its Variation Rules and Application in Energy Used and CO2 Emissions

Hybrid treatment system for remediation of sugarcane vinasse.

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Water Pollution Impact

Using a Stakeholder-Engaged Approach to Understand and Address Bacterial Transport on Soft-Shell Clam Flats

Molecular Mechanisms of Coral Persistence Within Highly Urbanized Locations in the Port of Miami, Florida

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Regional Pollution Impact

Environmental life cycle implications of upscaling lithium-ion battery production

Seasonal variation and origins of volatile organic compounds observed during 2 years at a western Mediterranean remote background site (Ersa, Cape Corsica)

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Soil Pollution Impact


Environmental and health assessment of soil pollution impact on public health

Pollution Impact sentence examples within Cause Pollution Impact

Pemanfaatan Arang Hasil Pyrolisis Kayu Lamtoro Pada Campuran Bahan Bakar Batubara Dengan Co-firing Untuk Meningkatkan Kinerja PLTU XYZ

Proses Pembakaran Menggunakan Co-Firing Sistem Fluidized Bed Dengan Pencampuran Antara Batubara dan Kayu Lamtoro Sebagai Energi Baru Terbarukan Untuk Bahan Bakar PLTU ABC

Pollution Impact sentence examples within pollution impact assessment

Multifunctional porous hydrogel with nutrient controlled-release and excellent biodegradation

Coral Gametogenesis Collapse under Artificial Light Pollution

Analysis of narwhal tusks reveals lifelong feeding ecology and mercury exposure

Pollution-driven morphological plasticity in a running water ecosystem

Research Trends in Octopus Biological Studies

Human Fecal Contamination Corresponds to Changes in the Freshwater Bacterial Communities of a Large River Basin

“Placebo Tests” for the Impacts of Air Pollution on Health: The Challenge of Limited Health Care Infrastructure

Photochemical transformation of fentanyl under the simulated solar radiation - Enhancement of the process by heterogeneous photocatalysis and in silico analysis of toxicity.

Integrated dry granulation – possibility of reducing environmental pollution and valorization of Fe-Ni slag

Using soil erosion to locate nonpoint source pollution risks in coastal zones: A case study in the Yellow River Delta, China.

Interplay between climate, pollution and COVID-19 on ST-elevation myocardial infarction in a large metropolitan region.

Current status of biogas upgrading for direct biomethane use: A review

Advanced analytics for environmental resilience and a sustainable future

Smog Avoidance Investment While Improving Air Quality: Health Demand or Risk Aversion? Evidence from Cities in China

Hydrogeochemistry Evidence for Impacts of Chemical Acidic Wastewater on Karst Aquifer in Dawu Water Source Area, Northern China

Ecological evaluation of aquatic microorganisms role in xenobiotics transformation with the reference to the Black sea

Estimating potential air quality impact of airports on children attending the surrounding schools

Coupling Traffic and Gas Dispersion Simulation for Atmospheric Pollution Estimation

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Effects of sublethal zinc ions and acute crude oil exposure on serum enzymes activity of Carassius gibelio

Dynamics of crAssphage as a human source tracking marker in potentially faecally polluted environments.


Evaluation of multi-biomarker response in fish intestine as an initial indication of anthropogenic impact in the aquatic karst environment.

Recycled desalination membranes as a support material for biofilm development: A new approach for microcystin removal during water treatment.

It’s Time to Replace the Term “Heavy Metals” with “Potentially Toxic Elements” When Reporting Environmental Research

Pollution studies for high order isogeometric analysis and finite element for acoustic problems

Indoor air quality management based on fuzzy risk assessment and its case study

NiSO4 spill inflicts varying mortality between four freshwater mussel species (including protected Unio crassus Philipsson, 1788) in a western Finnish river.

More Pollution Impact 오염 영향 sentence examples

Evaluation of chemical composition quality of surface water in the eastern Donbass

Novel Concepts for Novel Entities: Updating Ecotoxicology for a Sustainable Anthropocene.

Empirical Test of Pollution Haven Hypothesis in Nigeria Using Autoregressive Distributed Lag (Ardl) Model

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Changing ocean systems: A short synthesis

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Pollution Impact 오염 영향

Pollution Impact 오염 영향
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