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Political Narratives sentence examples within Dominant Political Narratives

Crisis, Regime Change, Movement: Comparing Mobilization Cycles in Hungarian and Romanian Constellations of Global Integration After 1973 and 2008

Who Is in the Middle: Social Class, Core Values, and Identities in India

Political Narratives sentence examples within Contemporary Political Narratives

From the handshake to the kiss: Visual motifs of affect in representations of politics in the Spanish press

The Dudik Memorial Complex: Commemoration and Changing Regimes in the Contested City of Vukovar

Political Narratives sentence examples within Popular Political Narratives

Varieties of White working-class identity and their implications for social and political attitudes

Why symbolise control? Irregular migration to the UK and symbolic policy-making in the 1960s

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Political Narratives sentence examples within Constructing Political Narratives

Figures of Unwork and Ethics of Care: Between Knowing How to Live and Knowing How to Write

Shaping the Political Environment: An Ethnography of Public Affairs Professionals at Work

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Buzzer as the Driving Force for Buzz Marketing on Twitter in the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election

People’s Information Security during a Pandemic and in the Post-Pandemic Period as a Systemic Phenomenon in Terms of Their Protectedness

Creating Space in the Archive for an Anti-oppressive Community Project: Recording Border Control and Subversion


Narrative Mechanics

Narratives of Czechoslovak Prison Staff from the Communist Era

Значение мировоззренческих парадигм в формировании концептуального основания социального прогноза

Limits to climate action - Narratives of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

From perceptual dialectology to perceptual multilingualism: a Hong Kong case study

Party mandates and democracy: making, breaking, and keeping election pledges in twelve countries

Long-Term Middle Class Politics and Contemporary New Left Initiatives in Hungary and Romania

Intolerance of uncertainty modulates brain-to-brain synchrony during politically polarized perception

The Limits of EUropean Legitimacy: On Populism and Technocracy. Introduction to the Special Issue

Reddit: Affordances as an Enabler for Shifting Loyalties

Breaking the Myth of Cyber Doom: Securitization and Normalization of Novel Threats

Narrative Ju-jitsu: counter-narratives to European union

Populism, violence and authoritarian stability: necropolitics in Turkey

Between entrepreneurs and workers: Cleavages and compromises in rationales and policy solutions regarding ‘dependent contractors’

Islamic feminist political narratives, reformist Islamic thought, and its discursive challenges in contemporary Iran

Palestinian Refugees of the Oslo Generation: Thinking beyond the Nation?

A Space for Time

Towards the Rise of Eurasia. Competing Geopolitical Narratives and Responses

Becoming “Hijas de la Lucha”: Political subjectification, affective intensities, and historical narratives in a Chilean all-girls high school

Life on the Line: Border Stories

Soft power is the main focus of strategic narrative in the power of diplomacy (Review of three narratives about Iran)

Danish Defense Transformation and the Technopolitics of Relevant Military Contributions

The short life of a concept: tourismphobia in the Spanish media. Narratives, actors and agendas

An Analysis of Al-Qur’an Language as a Mediator for Politicization of Religion in Indonesia

Ecologies of Pain in Bessie Head’s When Rain Clouds Gather

Political Labels and Post-Politics

‘Madmen, womanizers, and thieves’: moral disorder and the cultural text of refugee encampment in Kenya

What does it take to kill a megaproject? The reverse escalation of commitment

Militarized aesthetics of hegemonic masculinity in America’s Army: Proving Grounds (2013): a multimodal legitimation analysis

Ruins, Memory and Vibrant Matter: Imagining Future North Korean Rural Terrains

“We Need New Stories”: Trauma, Storytelling, and the Mapping of Environmental Injustice in Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms and Standing Rock

Conclusion: “The Journey Does Not End. It’s a Life Time Journey”

Fake News and Home Truths, Its Effects on the Contemporary Political Narratives: An Appraisal of India and Nigeria

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Geopolíticas del cotidiano en la frontera patagónica: Las dinámicas del habitar en torno a los Campos de Hielo Patagónicos

Dawn of the debt: Tactical performance, humour and the practice of alter-geopolitics

Martyrdom, Antinomianism, and the Prioritising of Christians - Towards a Political Theology of Refugee Resettlement

A etnopolítica da crise dos refugiados: Uma investigação dos debates estónios

Demographic Fever Dreams: Fragile Masculinity and Population Politics in the Rise of the Global Right

The Black Arts Movement Reprise: Television and Black Art in the 21st Century

(In)visible beauty queens: literary modernism and the politics of women’s Visibility in Nezihe Muhiddin’s Güzellik Kraliçesi

The geopolitics of renewable and electricity cooperation between Morocco and Spain

National Market Protectionist Gambling Policies in the European Union: The Finnish Gambling Monopoly Merger as a Case in Point

Historical Ecologies of Pastoralist Overgrazing in Kenya: Long-Term Perspectives on Cause and Effect

Being New York, being Irish: reflections on twenty-five years of Irish America and New York University’s Glucksman Ireland House

Political Narratives / Narrations of the Political: An Introduction

Contemporary Religious Changes in the U.S.: Responses to the Fracturing of Religious Life

Reordering China, Respacing the World: Belt and Road Initiative (一带一路) as an Emergent Geopolitical Culture

Persevering, educating and influencing a change: a case study of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander narratives of academic success

China, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. How Not to Fall into the Trap of Narration?

Turkey’s ambivalent self: ontological insecurity in ‘Kemalism’ versus ‘Erdoğanism’


Understandings of Law in Croatia

From Myth to Stigma? The Political Uses of Mining Identity in the North of France

Exploiting ambiguity: The diffraction artefact and the architectural surface

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Political Narratives 정치 이야기
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