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Imaginative vision of space in geopolitics: approach to study

Political Psychology Data from a 26-wave Yearlong Longitudinal Study (2019–2020)


Is there more public support for US Veterans who experience homelessness and posttraumatic stress disorder than other US adults?

Brian Friel in Spain: An Off-Centre Love Story

Social Distancing and COVID-19: Factors Associated With Compliance With Social Distancing Norms in Spain

Identity and Class: Boundary Drawing in Norway

COVID-19 and the Environment, Review and Analysis

On the political technology of Victorian England: the concept of “jingo” in the publishing practice of “Punch” magazine (1878–1879)

A Matter of Morality: Evidence That Ideological Labels Generate More Polarized Judgments Than Other Social Identities

Political Polarization and Long-Term Change in Public Support for Environmental Spending

Russian and English as Socially Meaningful Resources for Mixed Speech Styles of Lithuanians

Reasonable Exclusions: The Problem of Political Identity in Liberal Democracy

Are “they” out to get me? A social identity model of paranoia

Political Identification, Political Ideology, and Critical Social Analysis of Inequality Among Marginalized Youth

Prejudicial and Welcoming Attitudes toward Syrian Refugees: The Roles of Cultural Humility and Moral Foundations

What do Canadians think about economic growth, prosperity and the environment?

Exposure to Scientific Consensus Does Not Cause Psychological Reactance

The good, the bad and the ugly: narrating social bonds and boundaries in contemporary Lebanon

Governance Change and Political Identity in the Internet Age

Approval of political leaders can slant evaluation of political issues: evidence from public concern for climate change in the USA

Afetos políticos antipredicativos e linguagem no pós-revolução do Egito urbano

Religious Right, Religious Left, Both, or Neither? Understanding Religio‐Political Identification

Is Cross-Network Segregation a Factor of Political Behavior and Political Identification in the Russian Student Community?

Social Identity and the Use of Ideological Categorization in Political Evaluation

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Political Identification 정치적 신분

Political Identification 정치적 신분
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