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Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Datum Poisoning Attack

Poisoning Knowledge Graph Embeddings via Relation Inference Patterns

Poisoning Attack Anticipation in Mobile Crowdsensing: A Competitive Learning-Based Study

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Content Poisoning Attack

SmartDetour: Defending Blackhole and Content Poisoning Attacks in IoT NDN Networks

A Novel Efficient Certificateless Signature Scheme for the Prevention of Content Poisoning Attack in Named Data Networking-Based Internet of Things

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Cache Poisoning Attack

DNS-over-TCP considered vulnerable

Dynamic forest of random subsets-based one-time signature-based capability enhancing security architecture for named data networking

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Model Poisoning Attack

Detecting Malicious Model Updates from Federated Learning on Conditional Variational Autoencoder

Deep Model Poisoning Attack on Federated Learning

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Arp Poisoning Attack

ARP Poisoning Detection and Prevention using Scapy

A Profiling Based Approach To Detect ARP Poisioning Attacks

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Topology Poisoning Attack

Topology Poisoning Attacks and Prevention in Hybrid Software-Defined Networks

Analysis of Topology Poisoning Attacks in Software-Defined Networking

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Called Poisoning Attack

AI vs. AI: Exploring the Intersections of AI and Cybersecurity

Poisoning attacks and countermeasures in intelligent networks: Status quo and prospects

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Spectrum Poisoning Attack

Adversarial Deep Learning for Over-the-Air Spectrum Poisoning Attacks

IoT Network Security from the Perspective of Adversarial Deep Learning

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Table Poisoning Attack

DUSTBot: A duplex and stealthy P2P-based botnet in the Bitcoin network

A Routing Table Poisoning Model for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Botnets

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Label Poisoning Attack

First-Order Efficient General-Purpose Clean-Label Data Poisoning

A machine learning based approach to detect malicious android apps using discriminant system calls

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Targeted Poisoning Attack

Closing the BIG-LID: An Effective Local Intrinsic Dimensionality Defense for Nonlinear Regression Poisoning

Targeted Poisoning Attacks on Social Recommender Systems

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Dn Poisoning Attack

Building a DNS Tunneling Dataset

Collaborative Client-Side DNS Cache Poisoning Attack

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within Dynamic Poisoning Attack

Fed-IIoT: A Robust Federated Malware Detection Architecture in Industrial IoT

Transferable Environment Poisoning: Training-time Attack on Reinforcement Learning

Poisoning Attack sentence examples within poisoning attack scenario

Exploiting Non-Cooperative Game Against Cache Pollution Attack in Vehicular Content Centric Network

Mixed Strategy Game Model Against Data Poisoning Attacks

DeepPoison: Feature Transfer Based Stealthy Poisoning Attack for DNNs

D2MIF: A Malicious Model Detection Mechanism for Federated Learning Empowered Artificial Intelligence of Things

Toward Smart Security Enhancement of Federated Learning Networks

Poisonous Label Attack: Black-Box Data Poisoning Attack with Enhanced Conditional DCGAN

Poisoning attack of the training dataset for on-line signature authentication using the perceptron

Secure and Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning via Co-Utility

TP2SF: A Trustworthy Privacy-Preserving Secured Framework for sustainable smart cities by leveraging blockchain and machine learning

Poisoning Attacks via Generative Adversarial Text to Image Synthesis

Detection and robustness evaluation of android malware classifiers

Poisoning Attack against Estimating from Pairwise Comparisons

A Countermeasure Method Using Poisonous Data Against Poisoning Attacks on IoT Machine Learning

A Game-Theoretic Approach for Robust Federated Learning

Poisoning attacks on cyber attack detectors for industrial control systems

With Great Dispersion Comes Greater Resilience: Efficient Poisoning Attacks and Defenses for Linear Regression Models

Data-Driven Control and Data-Poisoning attacks in Buildings: the KTH Live-In Lab case study

Defending Support Vector Machines Against Data Poisoning Attacks

Blockchain-based Asynchronous Federated Learning for Internet of Things

Towards Security Threats of Deep Learning Systems: A Survey

BaFFLe: Backdoor Detection via Feedback-based Federated Learning

Triple Adversarial Learning for Influence based Poisoning Attack in Recommender Systems

The Hammer and the Nut: Is Bilevel Optimization Really Needed to Poison Linear Classifiers?

Poisoning Attack on Load Forecasting

Analysis of the Impact of Poisoned Data within Twitter Classification Models

Adversarial attacks on an oblivious recommender

Selective Poisoning Attack on Deep Neural Networks †

Selective Poisoning Attack on Deep Neural Network to Induce Fine-Grained Recognition Error

Keyed Non-parametric Hypothesis Tests

Adversarial Impact on Anomaly Detection in Cloud Datacenters

A Flexible Poisoning Attack Against Machine Learning

A taxonomy and survey of attacks against machine learning

Investigation of Moving Target Defense Technique to Prevent Poisoning Attacks in SDN

Walling up Backdoors in Intrusion Detection Systems

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Poisoning Attack 중독 공격

Poisoning Attack 중독 공격
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