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Pls Sem Approach sentence examples within attitudes toward social

Application of the stimuli-organism-response framework to factors influencing social commerce intentions among social network users

Pls Sem Approach sentence examples within social media marketing

The Impact of Social Media Marketing Communications on Consumer Response During the COVID-19: Does the Brand Equity of a University Matter?

Using Digital Platforms to Promote Blood Donation: Motivational and Preliminary Evidence from Latin America and Spain

The Mediating Role of the Social Identity on Agritourism Business

Perceived ease of use, trust, dan customer satisfaction sebagai prediktor terhadap repurchase intention

The impact of entrepreneurial leadership on SMEs’ performance: the mediating effects of organizational factors

The Implementation Of Lean Manufacturing and Industrial Technology 4.0 On Business Performance

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Understanding Career Optimism on Employee Engagement: Broaden-Built and Organizational Theory Perspective

Leading MSME during COVID-19 Crisis by Utilizing Pro-social and Spirituality Approach

Does Employee Psychological Safety expediate Employee Performance and Firm Performance: Mediating role of Employee Task Performance and Helping Behavior

Understanding consumer behavior in the multimedia context: incorporating gamification in VR-enhanced web system for tourism e-commerce

When does personalization work on social media? a posteriori segmentation of consumers

Hybrid multigroup partial least squares structural equation modelling: an application to bank employee satisfaction and loyalty

How Green Trust, Consumer Brand Engagement and Green Word-of-Mouth Mediate Purchasing Intentions

The Deteriorating Role of Active Transactional Leadership on Employees Perceived Uncertainty and Emotional Exhaustion: Evidence from Educational Sector of Thailand

Employee Job Satisfaction and Work Motivation in The Context of Public Sector Organization

How economic sustainability is affected by innovation performance and sustainable manufacturing

An assessment of power sector reforms and utility performance to strengthen consumer self-confidence towards private investment

How to alleviate social loafing in online brand communities: The roles of community support and commitment

The role of self-esteem, optimism, deliberative thinking and self-control in shaping the financial behavior and financial well-being of young adults

Skills Development Factors of Information Technology Competency Among External Auditors

Examining the Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty Relationship Under Online Framework Using PLS-ANN

Factor Affecting COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation

Fuel consumption in mining industry using partial least squares structural equation modeling approach

The adoption of cryptocurrency as a disruptive force: Deep learning-based dual stage structural equation modelling and artificial neural network analysis

Usefulness of the budget: the mediating effect of participative budgeting and budget-based evaluation and rewarding

Effects of Attitude, Self-efficacy Beliefs, and Motivation on Behavioural Intention in Teaching Science

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Pls Sem Approach Pls Sem 접근

Pls Sem Approach Pls Sem 접근
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