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Multiresonant nanostructures for surface-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy

Graphene–silver hybrid metamateria for tunable narrow-band perfect absorption and reflection at visible waveband

Plasmon-Enhanced Light Absorption in (p-i-n) Junction GaAs Nanowire Solar Cells: An FDTD Simulation Method Study

Surface plasmon enhanced THz emission with nanoporous gold supported CdTe.

Exciton-plasmon coupling and giant photoluminescence enhancement in monolayer MoS2 through hierarchically designed TiO2/Au/MoS2 ternary core−shell heterostructure

Size-dependent whispering gallery modes in Au-coated ZnO microrods

Two-Dimensional-Plasmon-Boosted Iron Single-Atom Electrochemiluminescence for the Ultrasensitive Detection of Dopamine, Hemin, and Mercury.

Surface plasmon-enhanced UV-emission from ZnO by aluminum bowtie nanoantenna arrays

Plasmonically enhanced hybrid metalorganic random laser in eggshell biomembrane

Application of Plasmon-Assisted Photochemistry and Photocatalytic Activities to Zeolitic Media

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Plasmon Enhancement 플라스몬 강화

Plasmon Enhancement 플라스몬 강화
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