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Effects of running-induced fatigue on plantar pressure distribution in runners with different strike types.

Dia-Shoe: A Smart Diabetic Shoe to Monitor and Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers

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Effect of speed and gradient on plantar force when running on an AlterG® treadmill

Effects of Short-Foot Exercises on Foot Posture, Pain, Disability, and Plantar Pressure in Pes Planus.

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Impact of first metatarsal shortening on forefoot loading pattern: a finite element model study

A Trot and Flying Trot Control Method for Quadruped Robot Based on Optimal Foot Force Distribution

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Landing Biomechanics Deficits in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Patients Can be Assessed in a Non-laboratory Setting.

The Effects of Walking Speed and Hardness of Terrain on the Foot-Terrain Interaction and Driving Torque for Planar Human Walking

Evaluation of Langevin Model for Human Stabilogram Based on Reproducibility of Statistical Indicators

Pedobarographic changes during first month after subtalar extra-articular screw arthroereisis (SESA) operation of juvenile flexible flatfoot

Effects of treadmill cushion and running speed on plantar force and metabolic energy consumption in running.


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Plantar Force 발바닥 힘

Plantar Force 발바닥 힘
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