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Plant Microbiome sentence examples within Indigenou Plant Microbiome

Microbiome Modulation—Toward a Better Understanding of Plant Microbiome Response to Microbial Inoculants

Current opinion and perspectives on the methods for tracking and monitoring plant growth‒promoting bacteria

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within Host Plant Microbiome

Microbial Biocontrol Strategies for Ambrosia Beetles and Their Associated Phytopathogenic Fungi

Alterations in the Endophyte-Enriched Root-Associated Microbiome of Rice Receiving Growth-Promoting Treatments of Urea Fertilizer and Rhizobium Biofertilizer

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within Native Plant Microbiome

Influence of native endophytic bacteria on the growth and bacterial crown rot tolerance of papaya (Carica papaya)

Insect herbivory reshapes a native leaf microbiome

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Plant Microbiome sentence examples within Beneficial Plant Microbiome

Engineering the Plant Microenvironment To Facilitate Plant-Growth-Promoting Microbe Association.

Cooperation among phosphate-solubilizing bacteria, humic acids and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi induces soil microbiome shifts and enhances plant nutrient uptake

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within plant microbiome assembly

Variable influences of soil and seed-associated bacterial communities on the assembly of seedling microbiomes.

Using transects to disentangle the environmental drivers of plant microbiome assembly.

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within plant microbiome research

A Call for Research: A Resource of Core Microbial Symbionts of the Arabidopsis thaliana Microbiome Ready and Awaiting Experimental Exploration

Ecology and performance of rhizosphere and endosphere microbiomes

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within plant microbiome comprise

Designing a home for beneficial plant microbiomes.

Plant–Microbe–Metal (PMM) Interactions and Strategies for Remediating Metal Ions

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within plant microbiome composition

Genome wide association study reveals plant loci controlling heritability of the rhizosphere microbiome

A Metabarcoding Analysis of the Mycobiome of Wheat Ears Across a Topographically Heterogeneous Field

Plant Microbiome sentence examples within plant microbiome play

Integration of omics data to unravel root microbiome recruitment.

Identification of microbial signatures linked to oilseed rape yield decline at the landscape scale

Algae as New Kids in the Beneficial Plant Microbiome

Fertilization alters protistan consumers and parasites in crop-associated microbiomes.

Local Plants, Not Soils, Are the Primary Source of Foliar Fungal Community Assembly in a C4 Grass.

Disease-induced changes in plant microbiome assembly and functional adaptation

Overview of Approaches to Improve Rhizoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils

Evaluating domestication and ploidy effects on the assembly of the wheat bacterial microbiome

Emerging insights on the potential role of plant-associated microorganisms in sustainable agriculture

Prioritizing host phenotype to understand microbiome heritability in plants.

Overview Of Approaches to Improve Rhizoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils

Seed-Transmitted Bacteria and Fungi Dominate Juvenile Plant Microbiomes

Root Exudates Alter the Expression of Diverse Metabolic, Transport, Regulatory, and Stress Response Genes in Rhizosphere Pseudomonas

The effect of root exudates on the transcriptome of rhizosphere Pseudomonas spp

Biodiversity, current developments and potential biotechnological applications of phosphorus-solubilizing and -mobilizing microbes: A review

Spatial Characterization of Microbial Communities on Multi-Species Leafy Greens Grown Simultaneously in the Vegetable Production Systems on the International Space Station

Life on the Rocks: First Insights Into the Microbiota of the Threatened Aquatic Rheophyte Hanseniella heterophylla

Distinguishing Between the Impacts of Heat and Drought Stress on the Root Microbiome of Sorghum bicolor

The Citrus Microbiome: From Structure and Function to Microbiome Engineering and Beyond

Application of N2-fixing Paenibacillus triticisoli BJ-18 changes the compositions and functions of the bacterial, diazotrophic, and fungal microbiomes in the rhizosphere and root/shoot endosphere of wheat under field conditions

Cytokinin drives assembly of the phyllosphere microbiome and promotes disease resistance through structural and chemical cues.

Amyloid Proteins in Plant-Associated Microbial Communities

The Microbiome of Cassava (Manihot esculanta)

OMICs, Epigenetics, and Genome Editing Techniques for Food and Nutritional Security

Collection of Sterile Root Exudates from Foliar Pathogen-Inoculated Plants.

Microbiome of reproductive organs of trees

Deep learning approaches for natural product discovery from plant endophytic microbiomes

Relevance of Metatranscriptomics in Symbiotic Associations Between Plants and Rhizosphere Microorganisms

Identification, Isolation, and Characterization of Medipeptins, Antimicrobial Peptides From Pseudomonas mediterranea EDOX

Bacillus subtilis Colonization of Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Induces Multiple Biosynthetic Clusters for Antibiotic Production

Can fungal endophytes fast-track plant adaptations to climate change?

Differences in resources use lead to coexistence of seed-transmitted microbial populations

Tomato Seed-Associated Bacteria Confer Protection of Seedlings Against Foliar Disease Caused by Pseudomonas syringae

Density and Diversity of Microbial Symbionts under Organic and Conventional Agricultural Management

The Plant Microbiome: Diversity, Dynamics, and Role in Food Safety

Abundance, diversity, and plant-specific adaptations of plant-associated lactic acid bacteria.

Influence of plant genotype and soil on the wheat rhizosphere microbiome: identification of a core microbiome across eight African and European soils

Interaction of Rhizobacteria with Soil Microorganisms: An Agro-Beneficiary Aspect

Host identity determines plant associated resistomes.

Metabolic Engineering to Synthetic Biology of Secondary Metabolites Production

A new technique for use in the study of the microbiome: An evaluation of a three-dimensional cell culture technique in maintaining the gastrointestinal microbiome of four Balb/c female mice and implications for future studies

Successive passaging of a plant-associated microbiome reveals robust habitat and host genotype-dependent selection

New frontiers in agriculture productivity: Optimised microbial inoculants and in situ microbiome engineering.

Defining the Genetic Basis of Plant–Endophytic Bacteria Interactions

Potential Role of Endophytes for Sustainable Environment

Plant microbiome: A reservoir of novel genes and metabolites

Fungal-Bacterial Networks in the Populus Rhizobiome Are Impacted by Soil Properties and Host Genotype

Revealing Cues for Fungal Interplay in the Plant–Air Interface in Vineyards

Environmental filtering structures fungal endophyte communities in tree bark

Host Specificity and Spatial Distribution Preference of Three Pseudomonas Isolates

Extraction of Microbial and Host DNA, RNA, and Proteins from Oak Bark Tissue

Searching for Novel Fungal Biological Control Agents for Plant Disease Control Among Endophytes

Dynamics of Plant Microbiome and Its Effect on the Plant Traits

Ecology and Evolution of Plant Microbiomes.

Site‐specific responses of foliar fungal microbiomes to nutrient addition and herbivory at different spatial scales

Novel mechanisms for phosphate acquisition in abundant rhizosphere-dwelling Bacteroidetes

Differences in resource use lead to coexistence of seed-transmitted microbial populations

Restoring the Taxol biosynthetic machinery of Aspergillus terreus by Podocarpus gracilior Pilger microbiome, with retrieving the ribosome biogenesis proteins of WD40 superfamily

Antibiotic Resistomes in Plant Microbiomes.

Epiphytic Microbiome of Grapes Berries Varies Between Phenological Timepoints, Growing Seasons and Regions

Exploration of Plant-Microbe Interactions for Sustainable Agriculture in CRISPR Era

Systemic Risk Factors for the Development of Periimplant Diseases

Harnessing the microbiome to control plant parasitic weeds

Plant microbiomes

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Plant Microbiome 식물 미생물군집

Plant Microbiome 식물 미생물군집
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