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Changes in Crack Shape and Saturation in Laboratory-Induced Seismicity by Water Infiltration in the Transversely Isotropic Case with Vertical Cracks

Antifungal action of 405 nm light emitting diodes on tomatoes in a meso-scale system and their effect on the physicochemical properties

Influence of keratolytics on cutaneous pharmacokinetics of glucocorticoids

Cannabinoid Type-2 Receptor Agonist, JWH133 May Be a Possible Candidate for Targeting Infection, Inflammation, and Immunity in COVID-19

Antibiotics functionalization intervened morphological, chemical and electronic modifications in chitosan nanoparticles

Разработка системно-поэлементной методологии исследования и экологической модернизации технологического оборудования

Effect of Gas on Burst Proneness and Energy Dissipation of Loaded Coal: An Experimental Study Using a Novel Gas-Solid Coupling Loading Apparatus

Soil nitrogen cycling is determined by the competition between mycorrhiza and ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes.

The Role of Fiber in Energy Balance

Nanocomposite and biodegradable polymers applied to technical textiles

Recent advances in ultrasound application as a novel technique in analysis, processing and quality control of fruits, juices and dairy products industries: A review.

Nanoscale structural investigation on Ti-6Al-4V implants produced by using selective laser melting technique: The importance of production angle

Modeling of the phospholipid vesicular nanostructure formation process

Shape and Phase Transitions in a PEGylated Phospholipid System

Nonthermal Processing of Dairy Beverages

Ingestion of Non-digestible Carbohydrates From Plant-Source Foods and Decreased Risk of Colorectal Cancer: A Review on the Biological Effects and the Mechanisms of Action

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Physicochemical Effects 물리화학적 효과

Physicochemical Effects 물리화학적 효과
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