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Green synthesis of Cu-doped ZnO nanoparticles and its application for the photocatalytic degradation of hazardous organic pollutants.


Perspectives in desulfurization of coal using microbes

Quantitative Cryo-TEM Reveals New Structural Details of Doxil-Like PEGylated Liposomal Doxorubicin Formulation

Complexes of humic acid with cationic surfactants support the supramolecular view of extracted humic matter

Degradation of the Endothelial Glycocalyx Contributes to Metabolic Acidosis in Children Following Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery.

Analysis between Linagliptin and Azithromycin: In Vitro and In Vivo Interaction Study.

Biogenic Synthesis of Metal/Metal Oxide Nanostructured Materials.

Insight into the recent advances of microwave pretreatment technologies for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into sustainable biofuel.

Sustainable and recyclable magnetic nanocatalyst of 1,10-phenanthroline Pd(0) complex in green synthesis of biaryls and tetrazoles using arylboronic acids as versatile substrates

Impact of Acid-Base Status on Mortality in Patients with Acute Pesticide Poisoning

Application of Bio-Nanoparticles in Biotechnological Process Focusing in Bioremediation

Index of Biotic Integrity based on fish assemblages for pampean streams and its implementation along the Del Azul stream (Buenos Aires province, Argentina)

Mutanofactin promotes adhesion and biofilm formation of cariogenic Streptococcus mutans

Binding mechanism underlying FIH-1 suppression caused by the N-terminal disordered region of Mint3

Watson-Crick versus Hoogsteen Base Pairs: Chemical Strategy to Encode and Express Genetic Information in Life.

Insight into the influence of noble metal decorated on BiFeO3 for 2,4-dichlorophenol and real herbicide wastewater treatment under visible light

Targeted combined therapy in 2D and 3D cultured MCF-7 cells using metformin and erlotinib loaded mesoporous silica magnetic nanoparticles.

Potential of Plant-Microbe Interactions in Management of Pesticide-Riddled Soil

Fungal Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Resources: Current Scenario and Future Prospects

Human follicular helper T cell promoter connectomes reveal novel genes and regulatory elements at SLE GWAS loci

The End of the Bicarbonate Era? A Therapeutic Application of the Stewart Approach

Recent advances in the development of gene delivery systems

Connecting two worlds: positive correlation between physicochemical approach with blood gases and pH in pediatric ICU setting

Microbial use for azo dye degradation—a strategy for dye bioremediation

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Physicochemical Approach 물리화학적 접근

Physicochemical Approach 물리화학적 접근
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