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A Comparison of Six Transport Models of the MADE-1 Experiment Implemented with Different Types of Hydraulic Data

Hyporheic exchange in recirculating flumes under heterogeneous bacterial and morphological conditions

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A Comparison of Six Transport Models of the MADE-1 Experiment Implemented with Different Types of Hydraulic Data

Real-Time Measurements of Gas-Phase Trichloramine (NCl3) in an Indoor Aquatic Center.

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A novel model for incorporation of differential diffusion effects in PDF simulations of non-premixed turbulent flames based on reaction-diffusion manifolds (REDIM)

Modeling snow isothermal metamorphism at the pore scale with the phase-field model Snow3D

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Modeling the dispersal of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) and saffron cod (Eleginus gracilis) early life stages in the Pacific Arctic using a biophysical transport model

Behavior of liquid passing through deadman: influence of slag/iron ratio and unburned pulverized coal

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On Slice Isolation Options in the Transport Network and Associated Feasibility Indicators

The Successes and Challenges of Kenya’s Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway Transport Operations: A Special Reference to the Users

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Review article: Microscale evaporative cooling technologies for high heat flux microelectronics devices: Background and recent advances

Development of a numerical model for predicting the volatilization flux from unsaturated soil

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Effects of feeding condition on the morphology, behaviour and nutritional status of Prochilodus lineatus early larvae during downstream drift: a laboratory experiment approach

Long-term monitoring of waste-rock weathering at the Antamina mine, Peru.

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Availability-guaranteed slice composition for service function chains in 5G transport networks

Investment in container ports along the Maritime Silk Road in the context of international industry transfer: the case of the port of Colombo

Applying transport rate for quantifying local transport conditions in estuarine and coastal systems

Net community metabolism of a Posidonia oceanica meadow

Spectral Numerical Study of Entropy Generation in Magneto-Convective Viscoelastic Biofluid Flow Through Poro-Elastic Media With Thermal Radiation and Buoyancy Effects

Event-Triggered Control for Inter-Vehicle Communications of Cyber-Physical Transportation Systems

Fast lagrangian particle tracking in unstructured ocean model grids

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the dissolution of slag in alkaline solution using real-shape particles

Invasive Dreissenid Mussel Effects on Phosphorus Dynamics in Lake Ontario: Insights from Integrated Hydrodynamic-Ecological Modeling

Development and Quantitation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms after in vitro Cultivation in Flow-reactors.

Role of surface undulation during mixed bioconvective nanofluid flow in porous media in presence of oxytactic bacteria and magnetic fields

Electric Vehicle Integration into Road Transportation, Intelligent Transportation, and Electric Power Systems: An Abu Dhabi Case Study

Estimating dissolved p losses from legacy sources in pastures - the limits of soil tests and small-scale rainfall simulators.

Computational study of three-dimensional flow and heat transfer of 25 nm Cu–H2O nanoliquid with convective thermal condition and radiative heat flux using modified Buongiorno model

Air quality changes in cities during the COVID-19 lockdown: A critical review

Colloidal transport and flocculation are the cause of the hyperenrichment of gold in nature

There is a gap in care for seriously ill patient in transition

Promises of Urbanism: New Songdo City and the Power of Infrastructure

The Beach Aquifer Microbiome: Research Gaps and Data Needs

Changing climate associated with the range-wide decline of an estuarine finfish.

Calibration of temperature-dependent ocean microbial processes in the cGENIE.muffin (v0.9.13) Earth system model

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Numerical study of subfreezing temperature cold start of proton exchange membrane fuel cells with zigzag-channeled flow field

Kinetic incentive of hydrogen addition on nonpremixed laminar methane/air flames

A cumulative service state representation for the pickup and delivery problem with transfers

An analytical phytoplankton model and its application in the tidal freshwater James River

Minimizing the maximal ergonomic burden in intra-hospital patient transportation

Magnetohydrodynamic Ferro-Nano fluid flow in a semi-porous curved tube under the effect of hall current and nonlinear thermal radiative

Electrokinetics with blood

Accelerated Soil erosion as a source of atmospheric CO2

Supply Chain Scenarios for Logistics Service Providers in the Context of Additive Spare Parts Manufacturing

Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry: Nutrient and carbon cycling in a temperate shelf sea water column

A data-driven modeling approach for simulating algal blooms in the tidal freshwater of James River in response to riverine nutrient loading

Geochemical relationships in Cretaceous bentonites as inferred from linear discriminant analysis

The interplay between regeneration and scavenging fluxes drives ocean iron cycling

Plants mediate precipitation-driven transport of a neonicotinoid pesticide.

An integrated multiscale, multicellular skin model


Fenton’s reaction-based chemical oxidation in suboptimal conditions can lead to mobilization of oil hydrocarbons but also contribute to the total removal of volatile compounds

A regional spatial environmental multimedia modeling (RSEMM) approach for assessing the risk of antibiotics in river basin system – a China case study

Physical Transport 물리적 운송

Physical Transport 물리적 운송
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