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Using a holographic imager on a tethered balloon system for microphysical observations of boundary layer clouds

Cloud microphysical profile differences pertinent to monsoon phases: inferences from a cloud radar

New A2A adenosine receptor antagonists: a structure-based upside-down interaction in the receptor cavity.

Fetal growth restriction – improving the screening test

Assessing Biophysical and Physiological Profiles of Scalp Seborrheic Dermatitis in the Thai Population

Efficient communication of geologically related data and 3D models in tunneling projects

Investigating the applicability of induced polarization method in ore modelling and drilling optimization: a case study from Abassabad, Iran

Latent Profiles Based on Light Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, Perceived Body Shape, and Body Mass Index in Patients with Dyslipidemia Influence Their Quality of Life

Using a Multiplex Nucleic Acid in situ Hybridization Technique to Determine HCN4 mRNA Expression in the Adult Rodent Brain

Identification of elite performance characteristics in a small sample of taekwondo athletes

New Daily Persistent Headache: a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Odyssey

Homogeneity criteria from AVHRR information within IASI pixels in a numerical weather prediction context

Physical Profiles of Female Academy Netball Players by Position.

Characteristics of plasma flow profiles in a super-X-divertor-like configuration

Detection of buried foundations in urban environment by Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Comparison of Physical Profiles of State-Level Netball Players by Position.

Exploring geophysical and palynological proxies for paleoenvironmental reconstructions in the Miocene of western Amazonia (Solimões Formation, Brazil)

Use of Remote Sensing, Geophysical Techniques and Archaeological Excavations to Define the Roman Amphitheater of Torreparedones (Córdoba, Spain)

Cloud geometry from oxygen-A-band observations through an aircraft side window

The ALTIUS atmospheric limb sounder

Application of Measurement While Drilling Technology to Predict Rock Mass Quality and Rock Support for Tunnelling

Geophysical Investigations in the Eastern Indian Ocean in Cruise SO258/2 of the RV Sonne (Germany)

Formation and evolution of Paleoproterozoic orogenic belt in southern Jilin, Jiao–Liao–Ji Belt, North China Craton: Constraints from geophysics

Anthropometric Characteristics and Physical Performance of Young Elite Kosovo Soccer Players

Application of the EM- 34 System Electromagnetic Method Integrated with Structural and Remote Sensing Data in a Hydrogeological Study

Postglacial reactivation of the Suasselkä PGF complex in SW Finnish Lapland

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Physical Profiles 물리적 프로필

Physical Profiles 물리적 프로필
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