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Incorporating URLLC and Multicast eMBB in Sliced Cloud Radio Access Network

Service Multiplexing and Revenue Maximization in Sliced C-RAN Incorporated With URLLC and Multicast eMBB

Three ways to compute multiport inertance

Analysis of epidemic outbreaks in two-layer networks with different structures for information spreading and disease diffusion

Los contratos de participación público privada como instrumentos de financiación y gestión de infraestructuras públicas

Multi-virtual wireless mesh networks through multiple channels and interfaces

Sustainability and the Built Environment: The Role of Durability

Performance guarantees for greedy maximization of non-submodular controllability metrics

Network Slicing-aware NFV Orchestration for 5G Service Platforms

Sustainable Development by Internet Backpack in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia and Costa Rica

Distributed Optimization for Smart Cyber-Physical Networks

Information and Communication Technologies Potential for Future Power Systems Control

On the Coastline: The Genesis of Green Infrastructure Towards a Future Sustainable Landscape for the City of Maputo, Mozambique

Resonances in the response of fluidic networks inherent to the cooperation between elasticity and bifurcations

Δelta: differential energy-efficiency, latency, and timing analysis for real-time networks

Double-Network Hydrogels Including Enzymatically Crosslinked Poly-(2-alkyl-2-oxazoline)s for 3D Bioprinting of Cartilage Engineering Constructs.

Finite element analysis for nightside transfer function lunar electromagnetic induction studies

Distributing graph states over arbitrary quantum networks

A dynamic network approach to identification of physical systems

Towards Supporting Security and Privacy for Social IoT Applications: A Network Virtualization Perspective

Tuning the life-time of supramolecular hydrogels using ROS-responsive telechelic peptide-polymer conjugates

Reliable Design for a Network of Networks with Inspiration from Brain Functional Networks

MAPLE: A Machine Learning Approach for Efficient Placement and Adjustment of Virtual Network Functions

Robust Routing Optimization for Smart Grids Considering Cyber-Physical Interdependence

Switching Topology for Resilient Consensus using Wi-Fi Signals

Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of Robustness in Interdependent Networks against Cascading Failures

Safety and Security Analysis of AEB for L4 Autonomous Vehicle Using STPA

Towards a General Prediction System for the Primary Delay in Urban Railways

Service Function Chain Planning with Resource Balancing in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks

A Novel Approach of IoT Services Orchestration Based on Multiple Sensor and Actuator Platforms Using Virtual Objects in Online IoT App-Store

Introduction to the special issue of the 16th ACM workshop on Adaptive and Reflective Middleware (ARM)

The outbreak threshold of information diffusion over social–physical networks

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Physical Networks 물리적 네트워크

Physical Networks 물리적 네트워크
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