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A dismantling study on imaginal retraining in smokers

Physiological Response of Imagery Running with or without an Avatar in 3D Virtual Reality: A Preliminary Study

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A study of morbidities among electronic equipment manufacturing workers in Goa

After COVID-19 Future Planning Regarding Higher Education System in India: A Phenomenological Study in Higher Education Institutes of West Bengal

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Increasing Reading Fluency through the Use of Physical Movement and Affirming Parallel Concepts

A New Framework for Smartphone Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition Using Graph Neural Network

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Persons with co-existing neurological disorders: Risk analysis, considerations and management in COVID-19 pandemic.

Adult Patients’ Experience of Coercion in Intensive Care: A Scoping Review

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Deep Learning for Classifying Physical Activities from Accelerometer Data

Deep Learning for Classifying Physical Activities from Accelerometer Data

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Internet of things and other emerging technologies in digital pathology

Five-Year Analysis of Air Pollution in Istanbul Including Also the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aeroload Simulation of Interceptor Missile using Fin Load Simulator

The Sociability of Protest: Amelia Alderson and the Norwich Cabinet of 1794

An immersive first-person navigation task for abstract knowledge acquisition.

A unified perspective on the adoption of online teaching in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic

Poised for action


Captives, Deserters, and Exiles: Control of Migrant Mobility in the Northern Wei Period (386–534 CE)

Facebook and the Covid-19 Crisis: Building Solidarity Through Community Feeling

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Investigation and formation of the sales mechanism

Cognitive Conflict in Technological Environment: Cognitive Process and Emotions through Intuitive Errors in Area, Perimeter and Volume

Cost-effective, Disposable, Flexible and Printable MWCNT-based Wearable Sensor for Human Body Temperature Monitoring

Functional Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound for Monitoring Cerebral Blood Flow.

BouncyScreen: Physical Enhancement of Pseudo-Force Feedback

Walking-sensing as a decolonial art and pedagogical practice

Perceiving and remembering speech depend on multifractal nonlinearity in movements producing and exploring speech

User Mobility Simulator for Full-Immersive Multiuser Virtual Reality with Redirected Walking

Age Is More Predictive of Safe Movement Patterns Than Are Physical Activity or Sports Specialization: A Prospective Motion Analysis Study of Young Athletes

Development of an evacuation model considering the impact of stress variation on evacuees under fire emergency

Recent Trends in Fabrication and Applications of Wearable Bioelectronics for Early-Stage Disease Monitoring and Diagnosis

Refactoring design to reframe (dis)ability

The Effect of Exploration Mode and Frame of Reference in Immersive Analytics.

Development of Virtual Migration in the Context of the Ongoing Digitalization

EyeTAP: Introducing a multimodal gaze-based technique using voice inputs with a comparative analysis of selection techniques


Aerobic Gymnastic Gymnastics Development Survey, Lampung Province

Non-pharmacological Treatment for Children With Functional Constipation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

Home Use of a Percutaneous Wireless Intracortical Brain-Computer Interface by Individuals With Tetraplegia

Compound AABA Form and Style Distinction in Heavy Metal

RelicVR: A Virtual Reality Game for Active Exploration of Archaeological Relics

A Comparative Analysis of Filters for Noise Reduction and Smoothening of Brain MRI Images

The Springs of the Soul

Movement-Dependent Electrical Stimulation for Volitional Strengthening of Cortical Connections in Behaving Monkeys

Different generalization of fast and slow visuomotor adaptation across locomotion and pointing tasks.

Feature Extraction of Motor Imagery EEG Data Using Time Domain Statistical Parameters

Learning by Doing Intervention: Addressing Phonological Difficulties of Children through Audiolingual Method and Total Physical Response

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Physical Movement 물리적 움직임

Physical Movement 물리적 움직임
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