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Physical Method sentence examples within electrical resistivity tomography

Analysis of Rockslide and Engineering Slide via Integration between Rock Mechanical and Geophysical Parameters

A modified series-parallel electrical resistivity model of saturated sand/clay mixture

Physical Method sentence examples within ground penetrating radar

A novel landmine detection system based on within and between subclasses dispersion information

Airborne Ground Penetrating Radar, Field Test

Physical Method sentence examples within coal rock burst

Method for EMR and AE interference signal identification in coal rock mining based on recurrent neural networks

Electromagnetic radiation interference signal recognition in coal rock mining based on recurrent neural networks

Physical Method sentence examples within Different Physical Method

A Precise Method to Improve the Mechanical Properties of the Mud Pulse Telemetry in Order to Manufacture a Positive Mud Pulse Telemetry System

Strategies to control invasion of Sailfin Armoured Catfish, Pterygoplichthys spp. in wastewater-fed aquaculture bheries of East Kolkata Wetland, India with suggestion of a modified barrier based on the biological and behavioural characteristics

Physical Method sentence examples within Variou Physical Method

Динамика клинической картины в процессе лечения больных тяжелыми формами красного плоского лишая слизистой оболочки рта и красной каймы губ с использованием физических методов

Studies of Oil Viscosity Under the Influence of Thermal and Electromagnetic Fields

Physical Method sentence examples within Conventional Physical Method

Bioanalytical insight into the life of microbial populations: A chemical monitoring of ureolytic bacteria growth.

Fresh Fish Degradation and Advances in Preservation Using Physical Emerging Technologies

Physical Method sentence examples within Effective Physical Method

Computational modelling of membrane gating in capsule translocation through microchannel with variable section

Prospects of application of ultrasonic processing of half-finished products in baking technology

Physical Method sentence examples within Pure Physical Method

Enhanced Electrochromic Properties of Nanostructured WO3 Film by Combination of Chemical and Physical Methods

Light-emitting carbon dots extracted from naturally grown torreya grandis seeds

Physical Method sentence examples within New Physical Method


Contribution of Physical Methods in Decellularization of Animal Tissues

Physical Method sentence examples within Common Physical Method

Reinforce the mechanical toughness, heat resistance, and friction and wear resistance of phenolic resin via constructing self-assembled hybrid particles of graphite oxide and zirconia as nano-fillers

Physicochemical, structural characterization and pasting properties of pre-gelatinized Neorautanenia mitis starch.

Physical Method sentence examples within Purely Physical Method

Efficacy of a New Non-drug Acne Therapy: Aloe Vera Gel Combined With Ultrasound and Soft Mask for the Treatment of Mild to Severe Facial Acne

A Laboratory Investigation To Remove The Responsible For Clogging In Filtration Process

Physical Method sentence examples within Standard Physical Method


Partial differential equations for oceanic artificial intelligence

Physical Method sentence examples within Alternative Physical Method

Anaesthesia of laboratory, aquaculture and ornamental fish: Proceedings of the first LASA-FVS Symposium

A physical method for investigating defect chemistry in solid metal oxides

Physical Method sentence examples within Modern Physical Method

Liudmila Voronina.

Catechol-Containing Schiff Bases on Thiacalixarene: Synthesis, Copper (II) Recognition, and Formation of Organic-Inorganic Copper-Based Materials

Physical Method sentence examples within Applying Physical Method

Investigation of microbial death kinetics during relativistic electron beam processing for Salmonella entrica as an example

Application of Physical Methods for the Detection of a Thermally Degraded Recycled Material in Plastic Parts Made of Polypropylene Copolymer

Physical Method sentence examples within Holistic Physical Method

The Impact of Bioresonance Therapy on Human Health

Evaluation of an Alternative Depression Therapy Using Bioresonance

Physical Method sentence examples within physical method provide

Non-Thermal Reactive N2/He Plasma Exposure to Inhibit Epithelial Head and Neck Tumor Cells

Field-scale estimation of soil properties from spectral induced polarization tomography

Quantitative analysis of self-potential anomalies: Review of case studies from various SP applications

Processing of noise contaminated magnetotelluric data using digital filters based on MATLAB

A Sustainable Viticulture Method Adapted to the Cold Climate Zone in China

Geophysics in Groundwater Exploration and Aquifer Mapping in India

All-biobased transparent-wood: A new approach and its environmental-friendly packaging application.

Nanostructure Material-Based Sensors for Environmental Applications

Research on radio imaging method (RIM) multifrequency information fusion methods

Recent advances in assessment of soil erosion vulnerability in a watershed


Rapid Characterization and Quantification of Extracellular Vesicles by Fluorescence-Based Microfluidic Diffusion Sizing.

Ice or rock matrix? Improved quantitative imaging of Alpine permafrost evolution through time-lapse petrophysical joint inversion

Intermolecular hydrogen bond ruptured by graphite with different lamellar number

Optimization of GIS modules for processing data of gravity monitoring of subsoil in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Substantiation of outburst danger automated monitoring on amplitude frequency characteristic median of the operating equipment noise and methane concentration in the mine working medium

O01.2 Pyrococcus furiosus thioredoxin as a platform to express extracellular loops of treponema pallidum outer membrane proteins

Сучасні способи гідратування рослинних олій: аналітичний огляд

Using Ultraviolet Technique for Well Water Disinfection

Analysis and microbial degradation of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) in Winogradsky column.

Integrated Very Low Frequency and Geoelectrical Resistivity Methods to Study Possibility Shallow Groundwater Pathway in Bedrock Area

Agrogeophysical methods for identifying soil pipes

Modeling and Analysis of Heat transfer of Resolder Furnace based on Thermodynamics

Nanodisc Reconstitution of Channelrhodopsins Heterologously Expressed in Pichia pastoris for Biophysical Investigations.

Quantitative Cryo-TEM Reveals New Structural Details of Doxil-Like PEGylated Liposomal Doxorubicin Formulation

Sufi Dance, Trance, and Psychophysical Performance: Transcultural Elements in Jerzy Grotowski’s Theater

Conceptual review of asepsis, antisepsis & sterilization in Ayurveda

Enrolling reactive oxygen species in photon-to-chemical energy conversion: fundamentals, technological advances, and applications

Multi-scale ensemble properties of the Escherichia coli RNA degradosome.

Characterization of Soil and Rock Hosting an Aquifer in Southeast Panama City using Geotechnical, Geophysical and Geochemical Parameters

Advantages of Geophysics to Improve Site Characterization and Reliability for Transportation Projects

A systematic review of physical techniques for chitosan degradation