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Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) from a phase II trial of pembrolizumab for HPV-associated papilloma patients with laryngeal, tracheal and/or pulmonary involvement.

Technology use during couples’ bedtime routines, bedtime satisfaction, and associations with individual and relational well-being

Eating Disorders and Sexual Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Body Image Self-consciousness during Physical Intimacy and Dissociation.

[What to do about recurrent urinary tract infections].

Changes in sexual behavior among high-school students over a 40-year period


The Fate of the Charismatic Leader’s Consort

The Couple Relationship Scale: A brief measure to facilitate routine outcome monitoring in couple therapy.

Toxicity and Femininity in Love Island: How Reality Dating Shows Perpetuate Sexist Attitudes Towards Women

Investigating Multimodal Interactions and Parasocial Attractiveness in YouTube ASMR Videos

James Doherty. Irish Liberty, British Democracy: The Third Home Rule Crisis, 1909–1914. Cork: Cork University Press, 2019. Pp. 308. $42.00 (cloth).

Study protocol for the Exercising Together© trial: a randomized, controlled trial of partnered exercise for couples coping with cancer

Study Protocol for the Exercising Together© Trial: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Partnered Exercise for Couples Coping with Cancer

Physical therapist guided active intervention of chronic temporomandibular disorder presenting as ear pain: A case report.

“ Intimacy” at Times of COVID-19: The Renewed Impetus Behind Cybersex

Open Communication and Physical Intimacy in Young and Midlife Couples Surviving Cancer Beyond the First Year of Diagnosis.

Body trouble: sexual harassment and worker abuse in musical theater dance employment

Community-Based Interventions for Adolescent Psychosexual Health: The Use of Life Skills Training Approaches in Sexuality Education

Sexual Well-Being in Older Men and Women: Construction and Validation of a Multi-Dimensional Measure in Four European Countries

Adaptation of the Body Image Self-Consciousness Scale (BISC-PL) in Polish females.

Invisible Household Labor and Ramifications for Adjustment: Mothers as Captains of Households

Urinary continence appears to enhance social participation and intimate relations in adolescents with myelomeningocele.

Mates or Married? Implications of Gender Composition and Physical Intimacy on Evaluation of Images Tested for Advertising

New partnerships among single older adults: a Q methodology study

Love with HIV: A Latent Class Analysis of Sexual and Intimate Relationship Experiences Among Women Living with HIV in Canada

Romantic Relationships and Physical Intimacy Among Survivors of Childhood Cancer.

Unequal Foundations: Inequality, Morality, and Emotions across Cultures

Successful aging, change in sexual interest and sexual satisfaction in couples from four European Countries

“It Started with a Kiss”: The Initiation of Sexual Intimacy Among Young Adults in China

Sex and intimacy in people with severe asthma: a qualitative study

Relationship Satisfaction of Intimate Partners of Persons Living With Urinary Incontinence

Ghosts in the Bedroom: Embodiment Wishes in Couple Sexuality: Qualitative Research and Practical Application

Sexuality: the development of ideas in historical sources

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Physical Intimacy 육체적 친밀감
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