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Index to Volume 92

Possessing Polynesians: The Science of Settler Colonial Whiteness in Hawai‘i and Oceania; Staking Claim: Settler Colonialism and Racialization in Hawai‘i

Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopic data of premodern human skeletons from mainland Japan and the Ryukyu islands

Primatology at the last meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Paleontological, Palynological, Biological, and Physical Anthropology Graphs

The 90th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists

An application of the Bayesian SanMillán-Rissech acetabular aging method to an African American sample: Preliminary results

The recovery and repatriation of the remains of Japanese war dead and the roles of physical anthropologists.

Understanding the Characteristics of Physical Color in Human – an Article Review


The 88th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Cleveland, Ohio

Role of Radiology in the Assessment of Skeletons from Archeological Sites.

An overview of the latest developments in facial imaging

Interpreting and communicating genetic variation in 2019: A conversation on race

The Responsibility to Recontact Research Participants after Reinterpretation of Genetic and Genomic Research Results.

Towards a new osteometric method for sexing ancient cremated human remains. Analysis of Late Bronze Age and Iron Age samples from Italy with gendered grave goods

Nationwide Stature Estimation from Sitting Height Measurements in Kosovan Adolescents

Biological Anthropology in 2018: Grounded in Theory, Questioning Contexts, Embracing Innovation

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Physical Anthropologists 물리 인류학자

Physical Anthropologists 물리 인류학자
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