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Enhanced visible-light photoelectrochemical performance via chemical vapor deposition of Fe2O3 on a WO3 film to form a heterojunction

Consistent Device Simulation Model Describing Perovskite Solar Cells in Steady-State, Transient and Frequency Domain.


High responsivity random metal grating couplers for terahertz quantum well photodetectors

Fabrication and characterization of Si1−xGex nanocrystals in as-grown and annealed structures: a comparative study

Measurement of the Piezoelectric Field in InGaN/AlGaN Multiple-Quantum-Well Near-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes by Electroreflectance Spectroscopy

Near‐Infrared Photoresponse of Waveguide‐Integrated Carbon Nanotube–Silicon Junctions

Influence of Crystal Water on Crystal Structure, Electronic Structure, Band Structure, and Charge Separation of WO3·2H2O Nanosheets.

Effect of different hole scavengers on the photoelectrochemical properties and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution performance of pristine and Pt-decorated TiO2 nanotubes

Effect of Phase Transition on Optical Properties and Photovoltaic Performance in Cesium Lead Bromine Perovskite: A Theoretical Study

Study of GePb photodetectors for shortwave infrared detection.

Study of exciton-polaron interaction in pentacene field effect transistors using high sensitive photocurrent measurements

The opportunity of using InGaAsN/AlGaAs quantum wells for extended short-wavelength infrared photodetection

Fabrication and characterization of Si1− xGex nanocrystals in as-grown and annealed structures: a comparative study

Electrical Properties, Deep Levels and Luminescence Related to Fe in Bulk Semi-Insulating β-Ga2O3 Doped with Fe

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Photocurrent Spectra 광전류 스펙트럼

Photocurrent Spectra 광전류 스펙트럼
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