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Photocurrent Enhancement sentence examples within Significant Photocurrent Enhancement

Plasmonic improvement photoresponse of vertical-MoS2 nanostructure photodetector by Au nanoparticles

Chitosan as a promising hole-scavenger for photoelectrochemical monitoring of cobalt(II) ions in water

Photocurrent Enhancement sentence examples within Observed Photocurrent Enhancement

Enhancement of the Photocurrent of a Single Photosystem I Complex by the Localized Plasmon of a Gold Nanorod.

Template-Free Nanostructured Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Scaffolds for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Photocurrent Enhancement sentence examples within Induced Photocurrent Enhancement

Wide wavelength photon harvesting in dye-sensitized solar cells utilizing cobalt complex redox electrolyte: Implication of surface passivation

Signal-switchable lab-on-paper photoelectrochemical aptasensing system integrated triple-helix molecular switch with charge separation and recombination regime of type-II CdTe@CdSe core-shell quantum dots.

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Photocurrent Enhancement sentence examples within Demonstrate Photocurrent Enhancement

Hot Carrier Induced Plasmon Enhanced Photocatalysis in Hematite Thin Films

Hot Carrier Induced Plasmon Enhanced Photocatalysis in Hematite Thin Films

Photocurrent Enhancement sentence examples within photocurrent enhancement compared

A new hybrid metasurface design for performance improvement of thin film unbiased terahertz photoconductive source

A sensitive label-free photoelectrochemical aptasensor based on a novel PTB7-Th/H2O2 system with unexpected photoelectric performance for C-reactive protein analysis.

Vertically aligned MoS2 thin film catalysts with Fe-Ni sulfide nanoparticles by one-step sulfurization for efficient solar water reduction

CHAPTER 8. Highly Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Integrated 3D Graphene-based Materials

Dramatic Responsivity Enhancement Through Concentrated H2 SO4 Treatment on PEDOT:PSS/TiO2 Heterojunction Fibrous Photodetectors.

Direct and Broadband Plasmonic Charge Transfer to Enhance Water Oxidation on a Gold Electrode.

Hierarchical self-assemblies of carnosine asymmetrically functioned perylene diimide with high optoelectronic response.

Light-Harvesting in Biophotonic Optofluidic Microcavities via Whispering-Gallery Modes.

Mechanism, Material, Design, and Implementation Principle of Two-Dimensional Material Photodetectors

Photocurrent enhancement of Al x Ga1−x N nanowire arrays photodetector based on coupling effects of pn junction and gradient component

Molecular Engineering of Photocathodes based on Polythiophene Organic Semiconductors for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation.

Insight into Co concentrations effect on the structural, optical, and photoelectrochemical properties of ZnO rod arrays for optoelectronic applications

Elucidating the role of surface states of BiVO4 with Mo doping and a CoOOH co-catalyst for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Complexity of Electron Injection Dynamics and Light Soaking Effects in Efficient Dyes for Modern DSSC

Effective electron extraction from active layer for enhanced photodetection of photoconductive type detector with structure of Au/CH3NH3PbI3/Au

Photonic-structured TiO2 for high-efficiency, flexible and stable Perovskite solar cells

Reduced graphene oxide-intercalated graphene oxide nano-hybrid for enhanced photoelectrochemical water reduction

Enhanced Photocarrier Generation with Selectable Wavelengths by M-Decorated-CuInS2 Nanocrystals (M = Au and Pt) Synthesized in a Single Surfactant Process on MoS2 Bilayers.

Shaped‐controlled silicon‐doped hematite nanostructures for enhanced PEC water splitting

Post-treatment with ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles to improve photo-electrochemical performance of ZnO nanorods based photoelectrodes

A dual signal-on photoelectrochemical immunosensor for sensitively detecting target avian viruses based on AuNPs/g-C3N4 coupling with CdTe quantum dots and in situ enzymatic generation of electron donor.

Photoanodic pyramid texturization of n-Ge(100) in HCl solution: unexpected anisotropy in the surface chemistry of etching

Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytical Performance of Inorganic-Inorganic Hybrid Consisting BiVO4, V2O5, and Cobalt Hexacyanocobaltate as a Perspective Photoanode for Water Splitting

Laser Annealing Improves the Photoelectrochemical Activity of Ultrathin MoSe2 Photoelectrodes.

A synthesis of graphene quantum dots/hollow TiO2 nanosphere composites for enhancing visible light photocatalytic activity

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Photocurrent Enhancement 광전류 향상

Photocurrent Enhancement 광전류 향상
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