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Carrier-mediated liquid membrane systems for lead (II) ion separations

Pharmacokinetics of K117 and K127, two novel antidote candidates to treat Tabun poisoning.

Single-component frameworks for heterogeneous catalytic hydrolysis of organophosphorous compounds in pure water.

A study of psychosocial factors in attempted suicides attending a tertiary care hospital in Kanchipuram, South India

Solvent Extraction of Metal Ions from Sulfate Solutions Obtained in Leaching of Spent Ni-MH Batteries

Phycoremediation: A Green Technology for Nutrient Removal from Greywater

Nutrients removal and biomass production from anaerobic digested effluent by microalgae: A review

Thermogravimetric analysis and carbon stability of chars produced from slow pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization of manure waste

Examining the influence of organophosphorous flame retardants on the thermal behaviour of aromatic polybenzoxazines

Exploitation of Solar Energy for Ammonium Sulfate Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate of Different Origin

Parenteral Fosfomycin for the Treatment of Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Infections: The Rise of the Epoxide

Role of Wetland Plants and Use of Ornamental Flowering Plants in Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: A Review

Nontarget profiling of organic compounds in a temporal series of hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced waters.

Parenteral Fosfomycin: A New Ally in the Fight Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Pathogens.

A retrospective study of clinical profile and outcome of patients with rodenticide poisoning in a tertiary care hospital

CPK MB levels in Organophosphorous Compound Poisoning

Monitoring of insecticide resistance in Rice brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) in Nalgonda District of Telangana State, India

Effect of Ornamental Plants, Seasonality, and Filter Media Material in Fill-and-Drain Constructed Wetlands Treating Rural Community Wastewater

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Phosphorous Compounds 인 화합물

Phosphorous Compounds 인 화합물
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