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Nucleophilic and redox properties of polybrominated diphenyl ether derived-quinone/hydroquinone metabolites are responsible for their neurotoxicity.

The brominated flame retardants TBECH and DPTE alter prostate growth, histology and gene expression patterns in the mouse.

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within novel brominated flame

Toxic organic contaminants in airborne particles responsible for negative health effects

Occurrence, bioaccumulation, fate, and risk assessment of novel brominated flame retardants (NBFRs) in aquatic environments - A critical review.

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within polychlorinated dibenzo p

Brominated and chlorinated contaminants in food (PCDD/Fs, PCBs, PBDD/Fs PBDEs): Simultaneous determination and occurrence in Italian produce.

Evaluation of atmospheric sources of PCDD/Fs, PCBs and PBDEs around an MSWI plant using active and passive air samplers.

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Phenyl Ether sentence examples within 28 47 99

Optimization and validation of a two-step method for the determination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in Croatian house dust samples.

Bayesian Weighted Sums: A Flexible Approach to Estimate Summed Mixture Effects

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within short chain chlorinated

Environmental occurrence and remediation of emerging organohalides: A review.

Research status and regulatory challenges of persistent organic pollutants in Sierra Leone

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within typical persistent organic

Photocatalytic activation of C-Br bond on facet-dependent BiOCl with oxygen vacancies

Short-term exposure of decabromodiphenyl ether in female adult Balb/c mice: immune toxicity and self-recovery.

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within Benzyl Phenyl Ether

Selective hydrogenolysis of aryl ethers over a nitrogen-doped porous carbon supported Ni–CeO2 catalyst at low temperature

Theoretical insight into the hydrogenolysis mechanism of lignin dimer compounds based on experiments

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within Substituted Phenyl Ether

Chirality, Gelation Ability and Crystal Structure: Together or Apart? Alkyl Phenyl Ethers of Glycerol as Simple LMWGs

Juvenile hormone mimics with phenyl ether and amide functionality to be insect growth regulators (IGRs): synthesis, characterization, computational and biological study.

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within Nonyl Phenyl Ether

Deterioration of modern concrete structures and asphalt pavements by respiratory action and trace quantities of organic matter

Quantification and evaluation of chemical footprint of woollen textiles

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within phenyl ether bond

Peroxymonosulfate-assisted [email protected] photocatalytic system for degradation of nimesulide through phenyl ether bond cleavage under visible light irradiation

Aerobic degradation of decabrominated diphenyl ether through a novel bacterium isolated from municipal waste dumping site: Identification, degradation and metabolic pathway.

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within phenyl ether herbicide

[Determination of three diphenyl ether herbicides in rice by magnetic solid phase extraction using [email protected] coupled with high performance liquid chromatography].

Hybrid chitosan-coated manganese ferrite nanoparticles for electrochemical sensing of bifenox herbicide

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within phenyl ether acrylate

Performance of photopolymerized active layer forward osmosis membrane in the osmotic microbial fuel cell

A new coding-decoding system through combining near-infrared photonic crystals and their spatial reflection spectra

Phenyl Ether sentence examples within phenyl ether congener

Development and validation of a multi-residue method for the simultaneous analysis of brominated and organophosphate flame retardants, organochlorine pesticides, and polycyclic aromatic compounds in household dust.

Fate of four Different Classes of Chemicals Under Aaerobic and Anaaerobic Conditions in Biological Wastewater Treatment

Comparison of decabromodiphenyl ether degradation in long-term operated anaerobic bioreactors under thermophilic and mesophilic conditions and the pathways involved.

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Ensuring the reliability of brominated flame retardant data on food and feed occurrence through harmonised analytical criteria and proficiency testing.

Firefighters’ exposure to potentially toxic combustion products

Patterns and Trends of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Bald Eagle Nestlings in Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA

BDE-47 induced PC-12 cell differentiation via TrkA downstream pathways and caused the loss of hippocampal neurons in BALB/c mice.

Hair as a noninvasive biomarker of human exposure to the endocrine disruptors polybrominated diphenyl ethers: a meta-analysis

Using quantitative modeling tools to assess pharmacokinetic bias in epidemiological studies showing associations between biomarkers and health outcomes at low exposures.

Time-dependent biological responses of juvenile yellow perch (Perca flavescens) exposed in situ to a major urban effluent.

A new diphenyl ether from Parmotrema indicum Hale growing in Vietnam.

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Remediation of organic pollutants by Brassica species

6-OH-BDE-47 inhibited proliferation of skin fibroblasts from pygmy killer whale by inducing cell cycle arrest.

Associations between the exposure to organophosphate flame retardants during early pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion based on metabolomics combined with tandem mass spectrometry.

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Study on toxicity effects of environmental pollutants based on metabolomics: A review.

Triazine-cored covalent organic framework for ultrasensitive detection of polybrominated diphenyl ethers from real samples: Experimental and DFT study.

Characterization of a polyphenyl ether oil irradiated at high doses in a TRIGA Mark II nuclear reactor

Spatio-temporal variations and input patterns on the legacy and novel brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in coastal rivers of North China.

Emerging Brominated Flame Retardants 2-Ethylhexyl-2,3,4,5-tetrabromobenzoate (EHTBB) and Bis(2-ethylhexyl)-tetrabromophthalate (BEH-TEBP) in Chinese Food and Their Health Implications.

First nationwide exposure profile of major persistent organic pollutants among Korean adults and their determinants: Korean National Environmental Health Survey Cycle 3 (2015-2017).

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Comprehensive screening of polybromochlorodibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans as mixed halogenated compounds in wastewater samples from industrial facilities by GC×GC/ToFMS and post-data processing.

Study of the Photodegradation of PBDEs in Water by UV-LED Technology

Predicting consequences of POP-induced disruption of blubber glucose uptake, mass gain rate and thyroid hormone levels for weaning mass in grey seal pups.

Assessing Indoor Dust Interference with Human Nuclear Hormone Receptors in Cell-Based Luciferase Reporter Assays

Two-step preparation and properties of polyimide / zirconium composite free-supporting membrane

A thermal and pH stable fluorescent coordination polymer for sensing nitro explosives or metal ions with high selectivity and sensitivity in aqueous solution

The Irrawaddy dolphin, Orcaella brevirostris from the Mekong river Cambodia: Preliminary health and toxicological investigations.

Prenatal exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and cognitive ability in early childhood.

Persistent organic pollution in Antarctic marine biota: Level, transport and risk assessment.

Off-Gassing of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds from Fire-Fighters’ Uniforms in Private Vehicles—A Pilot Study

Association between placenta concentrations polybrominated and polychlorinated biphenyls and gestational diabetes mellitus: a case-control study in northwestern Spain

Levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in water and sediment from open city drains in Makurdi Metropolitan Area, North Central Nigeria

Bioaccumulation And Biotransformation of BDE-47 Using Zebrafish Eleutheroembryos (Danio Rerio)

Effects of flame retardants on ovarian function.

New aromatic polyketides from the marine-derived fungus Pseudopithomyces maydicus PSU-AMF350 and their antimicrobial activity.

Nephrotoxicity and possible mechanisms of decabrominated diphenyl ethers (BDE-209) exposure to kidney in broilers.

The association between prenatal concentrations of polybrominated diphenyl ether and child cognitive and psychomotor function

Identifying Dermal Uptake as a Significant Pathway for Human Exposure to Typical Semivolatile Organic Compounds in an E-Waste Dismantling Site: The Relationship of Contaminant Levels in Handwipes and Urine Metabolites.

Control of invasive apple snails and their use as pollutant ecotoxic indicators: a review

Insulin-like growth factor reduced against decabromodiphenyl ether-209-induced neurodevelopmental toxicity in vivo and in vitro.

Current progress in degradation and removal methods of polybrominated diphenyl ethers from water and soil: A review.

Integrated Proteomic and Metabolomic Analysis of the Testes Characterizes BDE-47-Induced Reproductive Toxicity in Mice

Transport and retention of polybrominated diphenyl ether in landfill and e-waste contaminated soils: a laboratory-scale soil flushing approach

A comparison of developmental toxicity of brominated and halogen-free flame retardant on zebrafish.

Do flame retardant concentrations change in dust after older upholstered furniture is replaced?

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Phenyl Ether 페닐 에테르

Phenyl Ether 페닐 에테르
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