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A 258-GHz CMOS Transmitter with Phase-Shifting Architecture for Phased-Array Systems

26.2 A Doherty-Like Load-Modulated Balanced Power Amplifier Achieving 15.5dBm Average Pout and 20% Average PAE at a Data Rate of 18Gb/s in 28nm CMOS

A Four-Element 500-MHz 40-mW 6-bit ADC-Enabled Time-Domain Spatial Signal Processor

A 94GHz Scalable 2 × 2 Phased-Array Receiver in SiGe BiCMOS for High Data-Rate Communication

Effectiveness of phased array focused ultrasound and active infrared thermography methods as a nondestructive testing of Ni-WC coating adhesion

Intravascular ultrasound-guided drug-eluting stent implantation.

A novel tunable true-time delay line/phase shifter based on distributed Schottky structure

Beamforming, null-steering, and simultaneous spatial and frequency domain filtering in integrated phased array systems

A Quad 12bit 1.6 GSps ADC with Synchronization feature for use in Multi-element Systems

A Miniaturized 0.13-μm BiCMOS Reflective-Type Phase Shifter for K-Band Phased Arrarys (Invited)

Low-Loss Compact Millimeter-Wave Power Divider/Combiner for Phased Array Systems

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Phased Array Systems 위상 배열 시스템

Phased Array Systems 위상 배열 시스템
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