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Study on Precise Satellite Attitude Maneuvering Strategy for Ultrahigh Resolution Spaceborne SAR Imaging

The modified Whitham modulation theory for transmission line with ferroelectric capacitors

Multi-source Intermodulation in a Loaded-line Phase Shifter

Wideband Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays and Carrier Aggregation for 5G and Beyond

Beam Steering of Orbital Angular Momentum Vortex Waves With Spherical Conformal Array

OLED Touch Display-Integrated Phased-Array Antennas and RF Front-ends Packaging Technology for beyond 5G Wireless Devices

Flat-Panel Mechanical Beam Steerable Array Antennas With In-Plane Rotations: Theory, Design and Low-Cost Implementation

Enabling Practical Large-Scale MIMO in WLANs With Hybrid Beamforming

Analog Coherent-Optical Mobile Fronthaul With Integrated Photonic Beamforming

Mode-division multiplexing for microwave signal processing

5G Millimeter Wave Active Phased-Array Antenna Active Load Pulling Evaluation on Power Amplifiers

A Low Cost, Low in-Band RCS Microstrip Phased-Array Antenna With Integrated 2-bit Phase Shifter

Nonreciprocal-Beam Phased-Array Antennas Based on Transistor-Loaded Phase Shifters

Interference-Aware Sector Design in IEEE 802.11ad Networks

A Design Framework for Beamforming Integrated Circuits Operating at Mm-Wave Frequencies

SpiroMilli: Bringing Ad-hoc Spirometry to 5G Devices

A 24-to-30GHz Double-Quadrature Direct-Upconversion Transmitter with Mutual-Coupling-Resilient Series-Doherty Balanced PA for 5G MIMO Arrays


A low-delay information sharing algorithm for multiple-radio-per-platform networking

Asynchronous 256-Element Phased-Array Calibration for 5G Base Station

Height Reduced Concave Sector-Cut Spherical Conformal Phased Array Antenna Based on Distributed Aperture Synthesis

Over-the-Air Array Calibration of mmWave Phased Array in Beam-Steering Mode Based on Measured Complex Signals

C-Band Telemetry of Insect Pollinators Using a Miniature Transmitter and a Self-Piloted Drone

Security Enhancement of Directional Modulation Scheme Against Hybrid Eavesdroppers

Characterization and Calibration Challenges of an K-Band Large-Scale Active Phased-Array Antenna with a Modular Architecture

Uplink Multi-User Beamforming on Single RF Chain mmWave WLANs

Synthesis of a Sparse 2D-Scanning Array using Particle Swarm Optimization for Side-Lobe Reduction

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Phased Array Antenna 위상 배열 안테나

Phased Array Antenna 위상 배열 안테나
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