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Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within variational mode decomposition

Multi-step short-term wind speed forecasting approach based on multi-scale dominant ingredient chaotic analysis, improved hybrid GWO-SCA optimization and ELM

A hybrid approach for measuring the vibrational trend of hydroelectric unit with enhanced multi-scale chaotic series analysis and optimized least squares support vector machine

Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within empirical mode decomposition

Classification of Motor Imagery Tasks using Phase Space Reconstruction and Empirical Mode Decomposition

Classification of focal and non focal EEG signals using empirical mode decomposition (EMD), phase space reconstruction (PSR) and neural networks

Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within singular value decomposition

Convolutional Neural Network Based on Spiral Arrangement of Features and Its Application in Bearing Fault Diagnosis

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Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within marine renewable energy

Marine Renewable Energy Reserve Prediction Method Based on DSR Model

Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within Combining Phase Space Reconstruction

Characteristic Analysis and Prediction of Runoff Based on Chaotic Wavelet Neural Network

PM2.5 Concentration Prediction Model Based on Chaotic Genetic Neural Network

Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within phase space reconstruction method

Phase Space Reconstruction Based Multi-Task Classification for Motor Imagery EEG

Hourly Campus Water Demand Forecasting Using a Hybrid EEMD-Elman Neural Network Model

Phase Space Reconstruction sentence examples within phase space reconstruction theory

LA-LMRBF: Online and Long-term Web Service QoS Forecasting

Exploration of Multivariable Financial Time Series based on Algorithm

Effects of Model Structural Complexity and Data Pre-Processing on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Forecast Performance for Hydrological Process Modelling

Flow transition in periodically fully developed wavy channels

Prediction of epileptic seizures based on multivariate multiscale modified-distribution entropy

Application of complex networks for monthly rainfall dynamics over central Vietnam

Chaotic dynamics of ionospheric clutter from high frequency surface wave radar

Kalman filter-based longitudinal phase-space reconstruction method for hadron machines

Icing Load and Risk Forecasting for Power Transmission Line Based on Multi-scale Time Series Phase-Space Reconstruction and Regression

Convolutional fuzzy recurrence eigenvalues

Experimental demonstration of novel beam characterization using a polarizable X-band transverse deflection structure

Searching for signatures of chaos in γ-ray light curves of selected Fermi-LAT blazars

Recognition of Voltage Sag Sources Based on Phase Space Reconstruction and Improved VGG Transfer Learning

Forecasting Model of Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based on Multi-resolution SVR

Chaotic prediction of vibration performance degradation trend of rolling element bearing based on Weibull distribution

Prediction Algorithm of Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmia Validated Across Multiple Online Public Databases

A novel compound wind speed forecasting model based on the back propagation neural network optimized by bat algorithm

Swarm Intelligence Optimized Generative Model for Network Performance Prediction

Phase Space Reconstruction Algorithm and Deep Learning-Based Very Short-Term Bus Load Forecasting

Short term traffic flow prediction research based on chaotic local model

Deterministic chaotic dynamics in soil moisture across Nebraska

Electrochemical oscillation on anode regulated by sodium oleate in electrolytic metal manganese

Feature Extraction of Impulse Faults for Vibration Signals Based on Sparse Non-Negative Tensor Factorization

Network Traffic Prediction Using Variational Mode Decomposition and Multi- Reservoirs Echo State Network

A combined forecasting structure based on the L1 norm: Application to the air quality.

Vibration trend measurement for a hydropower generator based on optimal variational mode decomposition and an LSSVM improved with chaotic sine cosine algorithm optimization

Third-order Volterra Model Based on DUPSO for EEG Signal Denoising

An Ultrashort-Term Net Load Forecasting Model Based on Phase Space Reconstruction and Deep Neural Network

Decoding Motor Imagery Movements using Area of 2-D Phase Space Reconstruction

Research of improved fast independent component analysis algorithm in rectal diagnosis signal preprocessing

Chaotic time series prediction using wavelet transform and multi-model hybrid method

Experimental Demonstration of Deterministic Chaos in a Waste Oil Biodiesel Semi-Industrial Furnace Combustion System

Phase Space Reconstruction-Based Conceptor Network for Time Series Prediction

Relevance Vector Machines-Based Time Series Prediction for Incomplete Training Dataset: Two Comparative Approaches.

Analysis of chaos characteristics of gas-liquid two-phase flow noise

Dynamic analysis of biomedical signals in phase space using the Poincaré plot

Reliability analysis of complex brain networks based on chaotic time series

An innovative hybrid approach for multi-step ahead wind speed prediction

Data Driven Prediction Without a Model

Wind power prediction based on the chaos theory and the GABP neural network

Automatic Monitoring Method for Surface Deformation of Coastal Area Based on Time Series Analysis

Ultra-Short-Term Prediction of Wind Power Based on Chaos Theory and ABC Optimized RBF Neural Network

The cold regions’ temperature nonlinear prediction method basing on phase space reconstruction and Volterra filter

Emotion recognition through EEG phase space dynamics and Dempster-Shafer theory.

An Intrusion Detection System Based on a Quantitative Model of Interaction Mode Between Ports

Chaotic Analysis for Malaysian West Coast Sea Level: a Case Study of Kukup, Johor

Short-term traffic flow prediction in smart multimedia system for Internet of Vehicles based on deep belief network

Using AKF-PSR to Compensate Random Drift Errors of Low-Cost MEMS Gyroscopes

Using the AR–SVR–CPSO hybrid model to forecast vibration signals in a high-speed train transmission system

Prediction Algorithm of Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmia Validated Across Multiple Online Public Databases

Identification of epileptic seizures in EEG signals using time-scale decomposition (ITD), discrete wavelet transform (DWT), phase space reconstruction (PSR) and neural networks

Comparative Study on Chaos Identification of Ionospheric Clutter From HFSWR

A Novel Phase Space Reconstruction- (PSR-) Based Predictive Algorithm to Forecast Atmospheric Particulate Matter Concentration

A New Two-Dimensional Mutual Coupled Logistic Map and Its Application for Pseudorandom Number Generator

Analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of inter-cycle combustion variations in an ethanol fumigation-diesel dual-fuel engine

Research on Partial Discharge Identification of Power Transformer Based on Chaotic Characteristics Extracted by G-P Algorithm

On the chaos analysis and prediction of aircraft accidents based on multi-timescales