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Phase Distributions sentence examples within far field radiation

Uniform Circular Array Factor Techniques to Optimize Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Designed with Dipole Antennas at E-band

A Reflectarray for Generating Wideband Circularly Polarized Orbital Angular Momentum Vortex Wave

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Different Phase Distributions

Development of quasicrystal morphology in gas-atomized icosahedral-phase-strengthened aluminum alloy powders

Low-cost Transmitarray Antenna Designs with ±70° Beam Steering Range in V-Band

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Cycle Phase Distributions

Joint changes in RNA, RNA polymerase II, and promoter activity through the cell cycle identify non-coding RNAs involved in proliferation

A quantitative systems pharmacological approach identified activation of JNK signaling pathway as a promising treatment strategy for refractory HER2 positive breast cancer

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Spatial Phase Distributions

Adaptive Optical Two-Photon Microscopy for Surface-Profiled Living Biological Specimens

Bifunctional Metamaterials Using Spatial Phase Gradient Architectures: Generalized Reflection and Refraction Considerations

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Vapor Phase Distributions

Visualization study of phase distribution on a boiling surface

Hydrodynamic performance on sloshing process in a liquid oxygen tank under intermittent excitation

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Field Phase Distributions

A Dual-polarized Dual-OAM-Mode multiplexed Antenna System

A Reflectarray for Generating Wideband Circularly Polarized Orbital Angular Momentum Vortex Wave

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Liquid Phase Distributions

Numerical Research on Performance of High-Speed Partial Emission Pump

Comparison of Gas–Liquid Flow Characteristics in Geometrically Different Swirl Generating Devices

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Wrapped Phase Distributions

Generic nonlinear error compensation algorithm for phase measuring profilometry

Flexible gamma calculation algorithm based on probability distribution function in digital fringe projection system.

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Nonuniform Phase Distributions

Phase evolution and structural modulation during in situ lithiation of MoS2, WS2 and graphite in TEM

Phase-Only Holographic Head Up Display Without Zero-Order Diffraction Light for Automobiles

Phase Distributions sentence examples within Variou Phase Distributions

Phase Spoiling Technique for High Power and Wide Beam in Alos-4

Fringe pattern filtering using convolutional neural network

Phase Distributions sentence examples within phase distributions within

Graphene-Based Reconfigurable Intelligent Meta-Surface Structure for THz Communications

Using the statistical properties of phase fluctuations of the light field in a Shack-Hartmann wave front sensor

Dual-channel illumination surface plasmon resonance holographic microscopy for resolution improvement.

Topological Charge of Soft X-ray Vortex Beam Determined by Inline Holography

Propagation dynamics and radiation forces of autofocusing circle Bessel Gaussian vortex beams in a harmonic potential.

Excessive Aperture Efficiency of Compact Antennas Demonstrated by Waveguides and Small Horns

Efficient Bayesian phase estimation using mixed priors

PMC Packaged Single-Substrate 4 × 4 Butler Matrix and Double-Ridge Gap Waveguide Horn Antenna Array for Multibeam Applications

Array formation of optical vortices using in-line phase modulation

Performance Analysis of Metalenses Based on Three Kinds of Phase Compensation Techniques

“Perfect” Terahertz Vortex Beams Formed Using Diffractive Axicons and Prospects for Excitation of Vortex Surface Plasmon Polaritons

Linear harmonic oscillatory rarefied gas flow with arbitrary frequency in comb finger blocks

Deformation of optical vortex beam by displacement of incident-beam optical axis from spiral phase plate center

Freehand System for Antenna Diagnosis Based on Amplitude-Only Data

Retrieval of Phase and Temperature Distributions in Axisymmetric Flames From Phase-Modulated Large Lateral Shearing Interferogram

Design of Single-Layer Polarization-Dependent Transmissive and Reflective Focusing Metasurface

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Experimental investigation of two-phase flow evolution in a tight lattice bundle using wire-mesh sensor

Fourier ptychographic reconstruction based on augmented Lagrangian method and sparse approximations for phase and magnitude

Simultaneous Shape and Permittivity Reconstruction in ECT With Sparse Representation: Two-Phase Distribution Imaging

Study on the fabricated non-stoichiometric titanium dioxide by in-situ reduction with carbon powder via spark plasma sintering

Deformation studies of cylindrical nanostructured silica aerogels by using phase shifting digital holographic interferometry

Tricomi beams and nondiffracting sheet beams

Multidimensional thermally-induced transformation of nest-structured complex Au-Fe nanoalloys towards equilibrium

Evaluation of a Planar Reconfigurable Phased Array Antenna Driven by a Multi-Channel Beamforming Module at Ka Band

Wideband 45° Linearly Polarized Slot Array Antenna Based on Gap Waveguide Technology for 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications

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Two-phase pressure drop and void fraction in a cross-corrugated plate heat exchanger channel: Impact of flow direction and gas-liquid distribution

An Electrically Controlled Pattern- and Polarization-Reconfigurable Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna

RED: RFID-Based Eccentricity Detection for High-Speed Rotating Machinery

Large field-of-view continuous-wave terahertz reflective off-axis digital holography

Geochemical source and dispersion of copper, arsenic, lead, and zinc in the topsoil from the vicinity of Erdenet mining area, Mongolia

Synchrotron-Based Phase Mapping in Corroded Metals: Insights from Early Copper-Base Artifacts.

Assessing aquitard integrity in a complex aquifer - aquitard system contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Characteristics of the Partial Discharge-induced Current along Epoxy resin film under Superimposed AC- DC Voltage

The semidiurnal tide for individual nights derived consistently from O 2 and OH intensities and temperatures

Analysis of Fizeau wedge with a non-air gap by plane wave expansion

Highly efficient calculation method for computer-generated holographic stereogram using a lookup table.

Experimental investigation of wave-packet propagation in terahertz frequency region

Study of the properties of non-integer order vortex beams at Fraunhofer zone

Optical manipulation of microparticles with the momentum flux transverse to the optical axis

Designing a Water-Immersed Rectangular Horn Antenna for Generating Underwater OAM Waves

Nanocomposites from Clay, Cellulose Nanofibrils, and Epoxy with Improved Moisture Stability for Coatings and Semistructural Applications

Model comparison, thermal nonequilibrium characteristic and boundary conditions discussion of two-phase flow with phase change in porous media

A method of efficiently generating arbitrary vector beams

Fractional vortex ultrashort pulsed beams with modulating vortex strength.

Propagation of cosine complex variable function Airy–Gaussian beams through the gradient-index medium

2-Bit Ultrathin Amplitude-Modulated Coding Metasurfaces with Inserted Chip Resistors

Independent Linear Dual-polarization Terahertz Focusing at a Composite Multifunctional Metasurface

Propagation characteristics of vortex beam passing cube-corner prism

Polarization Characteristic of the Magnetic Field in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Experimental studies of two phase flow characteristics and void fraction predictions in steady state horizontal two-phase nitrogen flow

Ensemble Controllability of Cellular Oscillators

Atoms in complex twisted light

Terahertz quantitative metrology using 300 GHz in-line digital holography

Phase retrieval for off-axis digital holography using multiplexing with hologram rotation and complex encoding

Multiplexed OAM Wave Communication With Two-OAM-Mode Antenna Systems

A New Iterative Algorithm Based on Correction of Sensitivity Matrix for Electrical Resistance Tomography

High strength polymer/silicon nitride composites for dental restorations.

Synthesis of SrAl2 O4 nanoparticles by reverse micelle method:An investigation of the effect of aging time, hydrophilic chain length and calcination temperature

Möllenstedt biprism based shearing ptychographic iterative engine method.

Practical Design Considerations for Compact Array-Fed Huygens’ Dielectric Lens Antennas

Multi-probe ptychographic iterative engine method

Vector Vortex Beam Tuning With Axisymmetric Dielectric Microhelical Cone

Computational phase imaging using spatio-temporal wavefront modulation

Reflectarray to Generate Four Adjacent Beams per Feed for Multispot Satellite Antennas

Design of a Talbot array illuminator based on two-dimensional binary phase grating

Iterative phase retrieval for digital holography: tutorial.

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Effect of Temperature on RCS Measure and Calibration of Standard Metal Ball up to 800°C

Propagation of a Bessel-Gaussian beam in a gradient-index medium.

In vivo tomographic visualization of intracochlear vibration using a supercontinuum multifrequency-swept optical coherence microscope.

Polarization correlometry of microscopic images of layers of biological tissues and films of biological liquids in the diagnostics of pressure of death

GPU-accelerated Simulator for Optical Tomography applied to Two-Phase Flows

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The Backflow of Energy in a Optical Vortex Formed by Silver Spiral Zone Plate

More Phase Distributions 위상 분포 sentence examples

A lean approach of modeling the transient thermal characteristics of Loop Heat Pipes based on experimental investigations

Focused acoustic vortex by an artificial structure with two sets of discrete Archimedean spiral slits

Enhanced mechanical and arc erosion resistant properties by homogenously precipitated nanocrystalline fcc-Nb in the hierarchical W-Nb-Cu composite

A Minimalist Single-Layer Metasurface for Arbitrary and Full Control of Vector Vortex Beams.

Periodic propagation properties and radiation forces of focusing off-axis hollow vortex Gaussian beams in a harmonic potential

Optimization of High-Energy Ball-Milling Time for Fe1.1Se0.5Te0.5 Polycrystalline Superconductors

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