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Innovation in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Impact of Changing Regulatory Regime

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Rushed Innovation: Evidence from Drug Licensing

Understanding the emergence of redistributed manufacturing: an ambidexterity perspective

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The Innovation-Remuneration Index (IRI). Making pharmaceutical companies report what matters about innovation.

A comprehensive insight on the COVID-19 vaccine candidates

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Inventory conversion period and profitability relationship of the listed pharmaceutical firms of Jordan

The home country boundness of technological resources and internationalization performance

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Government Subsidy Strategy for Innovative Drug R&D Based on the Inter-Firm Spillovers

A qualitative approach to assess innovation in small infant industries within developing countries: The case of pharmaceuticals in Tunisia†

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Product Complexity and Strategic Alliance on Drug Approval

Effects of CEO duality and tenure on innovation

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Moving Beyond the Valley of Death: Regulation and Venture Capital Investments in Early-Stage Biopharmaceutical Firms

An empirical investigation of innovation process in Indian pharmaceutical companies

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Determinants influencing liquidity of pharmaceutical firms listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange

Effect of Working Capital Management of the Profitability of Listed Pharmaceutical Firms in Nigeria

“Qué Bonita Mi Tierra”

Drivers of Proactive Environmental Strategies: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry of Asian Economies

Whither geographic proximity? Bypassing local R&D units in foreign university collaboration

When Do Firms Trade Patents?


COVID-19 vaccines: the dilemma when thinking as a patient

Determinants of radical drug innovation: a systematic literature review

Assessing the scale of adoption of sustainability practices by community pharmacies in Spain in the time of COVID-19

The effect of medical cannabis laws on pharmaceutical marketing to physicians.

The Health Impact Fund: making the case for engagement with pharmaceutical laboratories in Brazil, Russia, India, and China

Impact of Supply Chain Information Integration on Operational Performance of Pharmaceutical Firms: Mediating Role of Information Leakage

A beam search for the equality generalized symmetric traveling salesman problem

Generic Strategies and Performance of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Nairobi County, Kenya

A Desk Top Allusion to The Rare Orphan Diseases and Orphan Drugs: Possessions to Discern by Every Healthcare Professional

Do Mandatory Disclosure Requirements for Private Firms Increase the Propensity of Going Public?

Pivotal Dose of Pembrolizumab: A Dose‐Finding Strategy for Immuno‐Oncology

Could Contracts between Pharmaceutical Firms and French Veterinarians Bias Prescription Behaviour: A Principal-Agency Theory Approach in the Context of Oligopolies

Does Employee Care Trigger Innovation Under a Healthy and Safe Working Environment? Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry in China

Effects of Reciprocity on Knowledge Sharing Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment

Drug Discovery Firms and Business Alliances for Sustainable Innovation

Divisive Faultlines and Knowledge Search in Technological Innovation Network: An Empirical Study of Global Biopharmaceutical Firms

Private and Social Returns to R&D: Drug Development and Demographics

The Role of Science in Drug Development Decisions

The Pharmaceutical Firms of Pakistan: An Overview of Multidimensional Performance

Public health insurance and pharmaceutical innovation: Evidence from China

Structural characteristics of extended alliance portfolio configuration and firm innovation

Inbound open innovation in biopharmaceutical firms: unpacking the role of absorptive capacity

Institutional investors and medical innovation

Did relaxing clinical trial regulation enhance the stock of scientific knowledge in India? Not necessarily

Factors influencing community pharmacists’ recommendation of over-the-counter medications in four Vietnam cities

Relationship between international experience and innovation performance: The importance of organizational learning for EMNEs

A research on effective management of manufacturing defects to avoid product recalls: A challenge to pharmaceutical industry

Inbound open innovation in biopharmaceutical firms: unpacking the role of absorptive capacity

A New Chapter

Review of Scientific Self-Experimentation: Ethics History, Regulation, Scenarios, and Views Among Ethics Committees and Prominent Scientists.

Iranian firms in biopharmaceutical value chain: where to go now?

Evaluation of the Effect of Financial Factors on Shareholders’ Value of Listed Pharmaceutical Firms in Nigeria

Business Model Design for Latecomers in Biopharmaceutical Industry: The Case of Korean Firms

Regulatory Review Time and Pharmaceutical R&D

The price of innovation - the role of drug pricing in financing pharmaceutical innovation. A conceptual framework

Behind the curtain

The Complexity of Pharmaceutical Prices: An Economic Analysis

Returns on different types of investment in the global pharmaceutical industry

Evaluation of stability using one versus three tubes for each quality control concentration in matrix-based bioanalysis.

Challenging the Problem of ‘Fit’: Advancing the Regenerative Medicine Industries in the United States, Britain and Japan

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