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A Plant Leaf-Mimetic Membrane with Controllable Gas Permeation for Efficient Preservation of Perishable Products.

Predicting the Demand for Fmcg using Machine Learning

Perishable Product sentence examples within supply chain network

Reliable supply chain network design for 3PL providers using consolidation hubs under disruption risks considering product perishability: An application to a pharmaceutical distribution network

Supply chain network design for perishable products under trade credit

Perishable Product sentence examples within inventory routing problem

Developing a green and bipolar fuzzy inventory-routing model in agri-food reverse logistics with postharvest behavior

Integrated production-inventory-routing problem for multi-perishable products under uncertainty by meta-heuristic algorithms

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Perishable Product sentence examples within mixed integer linear

An efficient solution method for an agri-fresh food supply chain: hybridization of Lagrangian relaxation and genetic algorithm

A Novel Optimization Technique for Integrated Supply Chain Network in Industries - A Technical Perspective

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Selection of the Best Kinetic Model in Drying of Button Mushroom using Infrared System

Perishable Product sentence examples within Single Perishable Product

Modelling and solving the bi-objective production–transportation problem with time windows and social sustainability

Bi-level pricing and inventory strategies for perishable products in a competitive supply chain

Perishable Product sentence examples within Sell Perishable Product

Inventory and pricing decisions when dealing with strategic consumers: A comprehensive analysis

Competition and cooperation models for dynamic pricing of perishable products in a two-echelon supply chain

Perishable Product sentence examples within Multiple Perishable Product

A Multi-Objective Green Hub Location Problem with Multi Item-Multi Temperature Joint Distribution for Perishable Products in Cold Supply Chain

An Efficient Biography-Based Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Location Routing Problem With Intermediate Depots for Multiple Perishable Products

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Intertemporal Price Discrimination with Time-Varying Valuations

Naar een klimaatneutrale regionale voedselketen : een inventarisatie van de mogelijkheden voor gebiedscoöperatie Oregional in de regio Arnhem - Nijmegen

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Supply chain network design for perishable products under trade credit

Features of development and regulation of wholesale and retail markets: problems, challenges and prospects

Perishable Product sentence examples within perishable product supply

Managing International Perishable Food Supply Chain: A Literature Review

Agricultural Supply Chain Risk Management Under Price and Demand Uncertainty

Fog Computing Enabled Locality Based Product Demand Prediction and Decision Making Using Reinforcement Learning

Total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) and its role in meat spoilage: A review

Challenges Faced and Preparedness of Agriculture Supply Chain During COVID-19

The effect of wet-salting preservation method on the physicochemical and microbial quality of Dasyatis sp.

Forecast Methods and Periodic Review Inventory Model for Supply Planning to Reduce Food Waste

A Multi-objective based AMOSA approach to the dynamic location of bloodmobiles problem

Environment and sustainability approach to manage sweet bakery waste product.

A Location-Routing-Inventory Model for Perishable Items Using Fresher First and Older First Inventory Management Policies

Research on Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization for Fresh Products in Supply Chains

The impact of services trade restrictiveness on food trade

Weighted Sum Method for Multi-objective Optimization LP Model for Supply Chain Management of Perishable Products in a Diary Company

Managing quality risk in a frozen shrimp distribution process

Cheese packaging by edible coatings and biodegradable nanocomposites; improvement in shelf life, physicochemical and sensory properties

Effects of COVID-19 on the Italian agri-food supply and value chains

A sustainable closed-loop location-routing-inventory problem for perishable products

Optimization and incorporating of green traffic for dynamic vehicle routing problem with perishable products

A routing and scheduling problem for cross-docking networks with perishable products, heterogeneous vehicles and split delivery

Production control of unreliable manufacturing systems with perishable inventory

Qualitative attributes of button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) frozen under high voltage electrostatic field

A robust multi-objective model for managing the distribution of perishable products within a green closed-loop supply chain

Improving Cooling Performance of Deep Freezer by Incorporating Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles Mixed with Phase Change Materials During a Power Outage

Inkjet-printed gradient colorimetric indicators for monitoring fish freshness

Using Reinforcement Learning Methods to Price a Perishable Product, Case Study: Orange

Time-sensitive markdown strategies for perishable products based on dynamic quality evaluation

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Impacts of short-term measures to decarbonize maritime transport on perishable cargoes

Secure Identification, Traceability and Real-Time Tracking of Agricultural Food Supply During Transportation Using Internet of Things

Multi-Objective Location-Allocation-Routing Problem of Perishable Multi-Product Supply Chain With Direct Shipment and Open Routing Possibilities Under Sustainability

Multi-Objective Optimization Models for Sustainable Perishable Intermodal Multi-Product Networks with Delivery Time Window

Sustainable and resilience planning for the supply chain of online hyperlocal grocery services

Edible Films and Coatings as Food-Quality Preservers: An Overview

Ζυμωμένα γάλατα της Μεσογείου. Τεχνολογία και Διατροφική αξία, ομοιότητες και διαφορές

Markdowns in E-Commerce Fresh Retail: A Counterfactual Prediction and Multi-Period Optimization Approach

Sustainable supply chain management for perishable products in emerging markets: An integrated location-inventory-routing model

A comprehensive review on natural bioactive films with controlled release characteristics and their applications in foods and pharmaceuticals

Simulation of different reordering policies for optimizing the inventory of perishable food: an Italian case study

Effect of heat treatment with biopreparation on the quality of tomato fruit during storage

On the sustainable perishable food supply chain network design: A dairy products case to achieve sustainable development goals

An inventory model for nonperishable items with warehouse mode selection and partial backlogging under trapezoidal-type demand

An economic order interval-based simulation model for perishable products

An Exponential Factorization Machine with Percentage Error Minimization to Retail Sales Forecasting

Numerical study of the aero-thermal performance for different scenarios of a refrigerated truck using URANS

Die Agrarwirtschaft. Eine Agrarrevolution in Raten

Vegetable and Fruit Waste Production Related to Consumption in Turkey and Certain Middle East Countries

Problems of improving the management of marketing channels in retail chains in the sale of agricultural products

Shot lot transportation by road transport

Channel choice and coordination of fresh agricultural product supply chain

Antioxidant and antimicrobial potency of Eupatorium inulifolium leaf extract for fish preservation

Case study: Probabilistic estimates in the application of inventory models for perishable products in SMEs

Food Waste and Correlated Impact in the Food Industry. A Simulative Approach

Mathematical modeling of food and agriculture distribution

Agri-food supply chains with stochastic demands: A multi-period inventory routing problem with perishable products

Data-driven Dynamic Pricing and Ordering with Perishable Inventory in a Changing Environment

Application of an environmentally friendly preventive measure for the preservation of fresh vegetables

Technologies and Fabrication of Intelligent Packaging for Perishable Products

Análisis de un modelo de inventario en productos perecederos aplicando Algoritmo metaheurístico Tabú y simulación Montecarlo

Combination Sale Problem for a Perishable Product with Fuzzy shortage cost

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Controlled perishable goods logistics: Real-time coordination for fresher products

On the Hardness of Learning from Censored Demand

A novel multi-objective model for two-echelon green routing problem of perishable products with intermediate depots

Formalin on Fresh Tilapia Via Electronic Nose and Assessment of Toxicity Levels with Reference to Average Adult Filipino Weight

Data analytics for relative ranking of factors to optimise blood bank supply chain

Supply Chain for Perishable Agriculture Products by Possibilistic Linear Programming

The Humanitarian Pickup and Distribution Problem

Identifying the Main Uncertainties in the Agri-Food Supply Chain

The use of nanoencapsulated essential oils embedded in the ice has an antimicrobial effect and extends the shelf life of refrigerated fresh sea bream with ice toping.

Implementation of EOQ and Lambert W function in 1-D engine simulation model for optimizing fuel injection in GDI engine

Metamodelling of Inventory-Control Simulations Based on a Multilayer Perceptron

Solving a large multi-product production-routing problem with delivery time windows

Rethinking the food system: an Operations Research approach

Optimization of a perishable inventory system with both stochastic demand and supply: comparison of two scenario approaches

Fresh extra virgin olive oil, with or without veil

Assessment of State and Prospects for Development of Regional Agricultural Sector and Rural Areas


Vaccine Cold Chain in Brazilian Health System: A Logistics Assessment

Heuristic dynamic approach to perishable products in presence of deterioration effect


A two-echelon inventory routing problem for perishable products

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