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Aloe vera gel, an excellent base material for edible films and coatings

Characterization and Optimization of Persian Gum/Whey Protein Bionanocomposite Films Containing Betanin Nanoliposomes for Food Packaging Utilization

Perishable Food sentence examples within short shelf life

Chemical-Based Methodologies to Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Fish—A Review


Perishable Food sentence examples within supply chain management

Identifying and Prioritizing Supply Chain Sustainability Indicators for Perishable Products Via Grounded Theory and Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis Approach

The internet of things in the food supply chain: adoption challenges

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Perishable Food sentence examples within cold supply chain

Perishable Food Products Contains Safe in Cold Supply Chain Management Using Blockchain Technology

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Chemical-Based Methodologies to Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Fish—A Review

The Use of Nanocellulose in Edible Coatings for the Preservation of Perishable Fruits and Vegetables

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Pomegranate peel as phenolic compounds source: Advanced analytical strategies and practical use in meat products.

Plant antimicrobial polyphenols as potential natural food preservatives.

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Freshness Assessment and Shelf-Life Prediction for Seriola dumerili from Aquaculture Based on the Quality Index Method

Novel natural food preservatives and applications in seafood preservation: a review.

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The impact of high-pressure processing treatment on microbial inactivation of seafood – a review

Pathway-oriented action of dietary essential oils to prevent muscle protein oxidation and texture deterioration of farmed rainbow trout.

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Improving the Storage of Some Food Categories to Reduce the Irretrievable Losses of a Retailer: Methodology Analysis

Autumn freeze-thaw events carry over to depress late-winter reproductive performance in Canada jays

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Recent advances in the fabrication of pH-sensitive indicators films and their application for food quality evaluation.

Nanocomposite Film Based on Gluten Modified with Heracleum persicum Essence/MgO/Polypyrrole: Investigation of Physicochemical and Electrical Properties

Perishable Food sentence examples within perishable food supply

Challenges Faced and Preparedness of Agriculture Supply Chain During COVID-19

Monetary Policy Report - April de 2021

Perishable Food sentence examples within perishable food item

Environment and sustainability approach to manage sweet bakery waste product.

Food loss and waste in food supply chains. A systematic literature review and framework development approach

Perishable Food sentence examples within perishable food logistic

Multi-Agent GIS Simulation for Railway Logistics Optimization

A Compromise Programming Model for Perishable Food Logistics under Environmental Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction

Perishable Food sentence examples within perishable food vium

Development of multi-criteria analysis approach considering food quality and energy consumption: application to production process of puff pastry.

Combining Quantitative Risk Assessment of Human Health, Food Waste, and Energy Consumption: The Next Step in the Development of the Food Cold Chain?

Perishable Food sentence examples within perishable food storage

Effect of cold plasma on maintaining the quality of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus): biochemical and sensory attributes.

Healthy Options in Food Pantries—A Qualitative Analysis of Factors Affecting the Provision of Healthy Food Items in St. Louis, Missouri

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Aloe vera gel, an excellent base material for edible films and coatings

Physical, Chemical, and Sensory Characteristics of Frozen Salted Edamame During Storage at Room Temperature

Evidence of an Eleventh-Century AD Cola Nitida Trade into the Middle Niger Region

Fruit Quality Monitoring with Smart Packaging

Assessment of microorganism activity as bio-preservatives for perishable food

Analisa Pemilihan Konsep Desain Alat Pirolisis Asap Cair untuk Pengawetan Ikan Bandeng

86185 Food Cost and Perceptions: through the lens of coaches providing family-based childhood obesity treatment

Changes in Food Consumption During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis of Consumer Survey Data From the First Lockdown Period in Denmark, Germany, and Slovenia

Development of time-pH indicator nanofibers from natural pigments: An emerging processing technology to monitor the quality of foods


Developing a Bi-objective Mathematical Model to Design the Fish Closed-loop Supply Chain

The effect of PVA coated film containing silver nanoparticles synthesized from aqueous Satureja rechingeri extract on shelf life of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillet

Analysis of Cadmium (Cd) Heavy Metal Using the Atomic Abrsoption Spectrophotometry (AAS) Method in Canned Crab Products at Balai Pengujian Mutu Hasil Perikanan (BPMHP) Semarang, Central Java

Élelmiszer-vásárlási szokások a koronavírusjárvány második hullámában

Protective coating of strawberries with cellulose nanofibers.

Dynamic markdown decisions based on a quality loss function in on-site direct-sale supply chains for perishable food


Green Silver Nanoparticles Embedded in Cellulosic Network for Fresh Food Packaging

COVID-19 Effects and Resilience of Vegetable Farmers in North-Western Nigeria

Household Food and Water Emergency Preparedness Practices Across the United States.

Culture-dependent PCR-DGGE-based fingerprinting to trace fishing origin or storage history of gilthead seabream

One belt one road influence on perishable food supply chain robustness

From Diospyros kaki L. (Persimmon) Phytochemical Profile and Health Impact to New Product Perspectives and Waste Valorization

Antibacterial effects of extracted corn zein with garlic extract-based nanoemulsion on the shelf life of Vannamei prawn (Litopenaeus vannamei) at refrigerated temperature.

Inventory of the Different Methods of Natural Conservation of Food Crops Used in the Markets of Daloa (Ivory Coast)

Desarrollo de un puré instantáneo a base de malanga

Active edible packaging based on milk proteins: A route to carry and deliver nutraceuticals

Plantaricin characteristics for teat dipping in milking cow treatment

A 0.5V 110nW Sensor for Temperature Monitoring of Perishable Foods

The Microbiota of Modified-Atmosphere-Packaged Cooked Charcuterie Products throughout Their Shelf-Life Period, as Revealed by a Complementary Combination of Culture-Dependent and Culture-Independent Analysis

Impact of postharvest preservation methods on nutritional value and bioactive properties of mushrooms

Characterization and antimicrobial activity of microencapsulated citral with dextrin by spray drying

Potentials Nanocomposites in Food Packaging


Nutrient Intake of College Students Improved with Implementation of a Food Scholarship Program (P04-068-19).

System Architectures for Sensor-Based Dynamic Remaining Shelf-life Prediction

Visualizing Information Retrieved from (Large) WHAT Networks

Nanotechnology and Plant Extracts as a Future Control Strategy for Meat and Milk Products

Online Grocery Shopping Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Among SNAP Participants.

Selai Salak Dengan Konsentrasi Sukrosa Yang Berbeda

New Concept in Packaging: Milk Protein Edible Films

Efek Daun Picung (Pangium edule Rewind.) sebagai Pengawet Alami terhadap Kadar Protein Total Ikan Nila (Oreochromis sp) Segar

Thermophysical property measurements on tetrabutylphosphonium sulfate ionic semiclathrate hydrate consisting of the bivalent anion

Physico-Chemical and Microbial Analysis of Solar Processed Milk

A Simulation-based Optimisation Approach for Inventory Management of Highly Perishable Food

Rapid Quantification of Radioactive Strontium-90 in Fresh Foods via Online Solid-Phase Extraction–Inductively Coupled Plasma–Dynamic Reaction Cell-Mass Spectrometry and Its Comparative Evaluation with Conventional Radiometry

Simulation Study of Collaborative Inventory Management for Seasonal Products by Incorporating Newsvendor and Buyback Contract

Modelling and Kinetic Study of Novel and Sustainable Microwave-Assisted Dehydration of Sugarcane Juice

Experimental assessment of the difference between new refrigerated trucks and their corresponding prototypes.

Antioxidant Activities and Total Phenolic Content of Malaysian Herbs as Components of Active Packaging Film in Beef Patties

Production Planning at a Chocolate Company: A Two-Phase Approach by Aggregation

Volatile organic compound data of ready-to-cook tuna fish-burgers: Time evolution in function of different and/or combined mild preservation technologies and relevant statistical analysis

Carboxymethyl Chitosan as A Homemade Sausage Preservative

Last mile logistics in mega-cities for perishable fruits

Food-related routines, product characteristics, and household food waste in the United States: A refrigerator-based pilot study


Effect of Change in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Guidelines on Vendor Participation and Availability of Fresh Produce

Agro-Industrial Groundwater Quality Abuja FCT, Nigeria: An Evaluation for Urban and Peri-Urban (UPA) Agricultural Irrigation

A Brief Summary Scheme of Algerian Traditional Dairy Products

Combined impacts of zein coating enriched with methanolic and ethanolic extracts of sour orange peel and vacuum packing on the shelf life of refrigerated rainbow trout

Improving Knowledge Is Not Enough: Multi-level Determinants of Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition Identified Through Formative Research in the Republic of Kiribati (P10-037-19).

“Don’t pack a pest”: parts, wholes, and the porosity of food borders

Development and application of a real-time polymerase chain reaction method for quantification of Escherichia coli in oysters (Crassostrea gigas).

Extending the Shelf-Life of Meat and Dairy Products via PET-Modified Packaging Activated With the Antimicrobial Peptide MTP1

Optimal preservation technology investment and pricing policy for fresh food

Safety and Microbiological Quality

Introducing Innovative Item Management Process Towards Providing Smart Fridges

Online Grocery Shopping Behaviors, Knowledge and Attitudes of SNAP Participants (P04-194-19).

Vehicle routing problem on a road-network with fuzzy time windows for perishable food

Food Sharing and Durable Foods. The Analysis of Main Chemical Parameters

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