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Groundwater contamination in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for groundwater protection in developing countries

Sustainable groundwater management in rural communities in developed countries: some thoughts and outlook

Observational study of adult respiratory infections in primary care clinics in Myanmar: understanding the burden of melioidosis, tuberculosis and other infections not covered by empirical treatment regimes

Evaluating the impacts of on-site sanitation facilities and saltwater intrusion on shallow groundwater quality in peri-urban communities of Cape Coast, Ghana

Effect of a Community Based Social Marketing Strategy on the Uptake of Clean Delivery Kits in Peri-Urban Communities of Karachi, Pakistan

COVID-19 wastewater surveillance in rural communities: Comparison of lagoon and pumping station samples

Prevalence, Parasite Density and Determinants of Falciparum Malaria Among Febrile Children in Some Peri-Urban Communities in Southwestern Nigeria: A Cross-Sectional Study

Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of cervical cancer prevention and pap smears in two low-income communities in Lima, Peru

COVID-19 pandemic and informal women workers in peri-urban communities in Nigeria

Sustainable energy for slums? Using the Sustainable Development Goals to guide energy access efforts in a Kenyan informal settlement

Knowledge, Attitude, Perception and Practice Influencing the Occurrence of Malaria in Households of Peri-Urban Communities in Abuja

Impacts of Urban Expansion on Welfare of Expropriated Peri-Urban Communities of Hossana Town, Southern Ethiopia

Clonal diversity and spatial dissemination of multi-antibiotics resistant Staphylococcus aureus pathotypes in Southwest Nigeria

Sodality in Peri-Urban Community Empowerment: Perspective of Development Communication and Extension Science

Epidemiology of falciparum malaria among residents of some rural and periurban communities in Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria.

COVID-19 disaster response: an emergency food and supply distribution programme in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador

Risk factors associated with Ctenocephalides felis flea infestation of peri-urban goats: a neglected parasite in an under-appreciated host

COVID-19 monitoring in rural communities: First comparison of lagoon and pumping station samples for wastewater-based epidemiology

Distribution, bioaccessibility and human health risks of toxic metals in peri-urban topsoils of the Kumasi Metropolis

Analysing the potential for CAM-fed bio-economic uses in sub-Saharan Africa

The nexus of climate change, urban infrastructure and sustainable development in developing countries

Fire Risk Exposure and Preparedness of Peri-Urban Neighbourhoods in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Distribution of sources of household air pollution: a cross-sectional study in Cameroon

Self-help group participation towards sustainable solid waste management in peri-urban villages: evidence from Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India

Beyond Household Socioeconomic Status: Multilevel Modeling of Supply-Side Determinants of LPG Consumption among 5,500 Households in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Peri Urban Communities 페리 도시 커뮤니티

Peri Urban Communities 페리 도시 커뮤니티
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