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Performance Response sentence examples within fed diets containing

Performance, digestiblity and carcass yield of broiler chickens fed diets containing two types of fishmeal


Performance Response sentence examples within Growth Performance Response

Determination of optimum blood meal level for performance of broilers under Sudan condition

Factors affecting performance response of pigs exposed to different challenge models: a multivariate approach.

Performance Response sentence examples within Physical Performance Response

Neuromuscular Performance and Hormonal Responses to Military Operational Stress in Men and Women.

Load-Carriage Conditioning Elicits Task-Specific Physical and Psychophysical Improvements in Males.

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Performance Response sentence examples within Dynamic Performance Response

Research on Dynamic Performance Simulation of In-wheel Motor Electric Vehicle Based on CarSim-Simulink

A Novel Control Strategy of an Islanded Microgrid Based on Virtual Flux Droop Control and Direct Flux Fuzzy Control

P.I.D. Based Sliding Mode Control of Asynchronous Multi-actuator Monocopter

Performance, health, and physiological responses of newly received feedlot cattle supplemented with pre- and probiotic ingredients.

Multi-Objective Optimization of Process Parameters for Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining of Inconel X-750 Alloy Using Taguchi-Topsis Approach

Comparative chemical composition of 24-hour fermented sweet orange fruit (Citrus sinensis) peel meal and maize and effect on performance response of starting pullet chicks

Hydrogen Rich Water Consumption Positively Affects Muscle Performance, Lactate Response, and Alleviates Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness After Resistance Training.

Response of growing pigs to different evaporative cooling systems

Feeding strategies to alleviate heat load in feedlot cattle

Design exploration of a tensegrity twisting wing enabled by shape memory alloy wire actuation

A perfect electrically tunable graphene-based metamaterial absorber

PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller based Comparative Analysis of Separately Excited DC Motor

Single-nanowire silicon photodetectors with core-shell radial Schottky junction for self-powering application

Effects of self-selected or randomly selected music on performance and psychological responses during a sprint interval training session

Impact of Three Consecutive Days of Endurance Training Under Hypoxia on Muscle Damage and Inflammatory Responses

Printability and particle packing of 3D-printable limestone calcined clay cement composites

PSIV-20 Impact of High Protein Dried Distiller Grains and Soybean Meal Inclusion Level on Grow-finish Pig Performance and Carcass Traits

Acute Effects of Training Loads on Muscle Damage Markers and Performance in Semi-elite and Elite Athletes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Parametric study of aerodynamic performance of equivalent ducted/un-ducted rotors

Performance and hypo-cholesterolemic response of laying hens fed cassava root sievate - based diets.

Energy pathway contributions during 60-second upper-body Wingate test in Greco-Roman wrestlers: intermittent versus single forms.

Novel insights on caffeine supplementation, CYP1A2 genotype, physiological responses and exercise performance

Three km Track Time Trial Performance Changes after HIIT in Competitive Cross-Country Skiers

Performance Optimization of PID Controller Based on Parameters Estimation Using Meta-Heuristic Techniques: A Comparative Study

The Influence of Dehulling on the Nutritional Quality of Lupine Seeds (Lupinus albus L.) and the Effect of Their Use in the Feed of Laying Quails on the Live Performance and Quality of Eggs

Statistical modelling and analysis of material removal rate and surface roughness during wire electrical discharge hybrid turning (WEDHT) process

Performance Optimization of Groundnut Shelling Using Response Surface Methodology

Carbohydrate Drink Use During 30 Minutes of Variable-Intensity Exercise Has No Effect on Exercise Performance in Premenarchal Girls.

Rooted Tree Optimization Algorithm to Improve DTC Response of DFIM

Employment policies in private loss firms: Return to profitability and the role of family CEOs

Fertilization and seasonality influence on the photochemical performance of tree legumes in forest plantation for area recovery in the Amazon

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Performance Response 성능 응답

Performance Response 성능 응답
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