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Weakly supervised object detection based on deep metric learning

Automatic fetal movement recognition from multi-channel accelerometry data

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Development of high-performance graphene-HgCdTe detector technology for mid-wave infrared applications

A fast and accurate method for glaucoma screening from smartphone-captured fundus images

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Mid-infrared homodyne balanced detector for quantum light characterization.

Automobile Braking Performance Detection System Based on Binocular Stereo Vision

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Remote sensing target detection in a harbor area based on an arbitrary-oriented convolutional neural network

Lightweight, High Performance Detection Method of Pipeline Defects Through Compact Off-Axis Magnetization and Sensing

Colorimetric detection of Cr6+ ions based on surface plasma resonance using the catalytic etching of gold nano-double cone @ silver nanorods.

MXene-Based Aptasensor: Characterization and High-Performance Voltammetry Detection of Deoxynivalenol

Dual Methylation-Sensitive Restriction Endonucleases Coupling with an RPA-Assisted CRISPR/Cas13a System (DESCS) for Highly Sensitive Analysis of DNA Methylation and Its Application for Point-of-Care Detection.

Development of a Self-Powered Piezo-Resistive Smart Insole Equipped with Low-Power BLE Connectivity for Remote Gait Monitoring

Electrochemical detection of DNA by formation of efficient electron transfer pathways through adsorbing gold nanoparticles to DNA modified electrodes

High-Performance Automated Anterior Circulation CT Angiographic Clot Detection in Acute Stroke: A Multireader Comparison.

Synchronous Online Monitoring of Rotational Speed and Temperature for Rotating Parts in High Temperature Environment

The isolation and analysis of fetal nucleated red blood cells using multifunctional microbeads with a nanostructured coating toward early noninvasive prenatal diagnostics.

Highly sensitive and recoverable room-temperature NO2 gas detection realized by 2D/0D MoS2/ZnS heterostructures with synergistic effects

Electrochemical performance detection of lithium -sulfur battery based on practical image and Heritage Algorithm

The Promise of Aggregation-Induced Emission Luminogens for Detecting COVID-19

Temperature-insensitive FBG acceleration sensor based on strain chirp effect

Coronary artery segmentation under class imbalance using a U-Net based architecture on computed tomography angiography images

NNR-GL: A Measure to Detect Co-Nonlinearity Based on Neural Network Regression Regularized by Group Lasso

Preparation of conjugated polymer/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for high-performance volatile organic compound sensors

A review of the fission programme at the CERN n_TOF facility

Adaptive Principal Component Analysis Combined with Feature Extraction-Based Method for Feature Identification in Manufacturing

A 4D ultrasound imaging automation platform for modelling and assessment of ultrasound target dynamics using direct visual servoing and machine learning

A Synthetic Integrative Algorithm of Fast Concurrent Detection-Recognition with Effective Tracking of Aerial Objects based on Deep Learning of CNN

Autofocusing method for through-the-wall bioradar imagery of human vital signs

A room-temperature methane sensor based on Pd-decorated ZnO/rGO hybrids enhanced by visible light photocatalyof room-temperature CH4sensing performancesbetween the presently developed

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Performance Detection 성능 감지

Performance Detection 성능 감지
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