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Your Call Is Important to Us: COVID-19 and Trends in Public Health Unit Call Service Utilization

A seemingly unrelated regression model of the impact of COVID-19 risk perception on urban leisure place choices

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Dietary Patterns, Weight Perception and Obesity Status, among 10–12-Year-Old Children; an Epidemiological Study in Greece

Adolescent Body Perception: Urban, Rural and Suburban Differences

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Dogs display owner-specific expectations based on olfaction

Olfaction regulates organismal proteostasis and longevity via microRNA-dependent signalling

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HR Marketing And The Formation Of A Positive Internal Image, Case Of The Banking Sector


The influence of perception on the provision of early childhood education in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana

Expatriates Coaching Behaviors and Local Employees Work Performance: Mediating Role of Cross - Cultural Knowledge Transfer

Biased political reasoning and relational inferences in a small-group deliberative context

Chinese Tertiary Accounting Student’s Perceptions of Certified Public Accountants and Their Career Job Choice

Mountains, rivers and ancestors: the Paiwan landscape and social memory

Perceptual decisions about object shape bias visuomotor coordination during rapid interception movements

Examining therapy dynamics and session outcome using differential equations model and multilevel data disaggregation

Multimodal approaches and tailored therapies for pain management: the trolley analgesic model

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Perception Influence 지각 영향

Perception Influence 지각 영향
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