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Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within green mold caused

Postharvest UV-C Irradiation Influenced Cellular Structure, Jasmonic Acid Accumulation, and Resistance Against Green Mold Decay in Satsuma Mandarin Fruit (Citrus unshiu)

Baseline sensitivity and fungicidal action of propiconazole against Penicillium digitatum.

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within post harvest disease

Application of chemical compounds during pre-harvesting to control post-harvesting green mold in citrus

Monitoring indole alkaloid production by Penicillium digitatum during infection process in citrus by Mass Spectrometry Imaging and molecular networking.

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within blue molds caused

Effectiveness of pH and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) on Fungicidal Activity of Certain Fungicides for Controlling Green and Blue Mold Diseases on Orange Fruits

Moringa oleifera Extraction as Alternative Option for Controlling Citrus Post-harvest Green and Blue Molds In vetro

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Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within green mold disease

Phytotoxic Tryptoquialanines Produced In Vivo by Penicillium digitatum Are Exported in Extracellular Vesicles

Effect of Betel Leaf (Piper sp.) Water Extracts to Control Penicillium digitatum Causes of Green Mold in Dekopon Citrus (Citrus reticulata)

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within citrus green mold

Sanxiapeptin, a linear pentapeptide from Penicillium oxalicum, inhibited the growth of citrus green mold.

Antofine inhibits postharvest green mold due to imazalil-resistant Penicillium digitatum strain Pdw03 by triggering oxidative burst.

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within Pathogen Penicillium Digitatum

Pichia galeiformis Induces Resistance in Postharvest Citrus by Activating the Phenylpropanoid Biosynthesis Pathway.

The Antifungal Activity of Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) Leaves Extract Against Penicillium digitatum

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within Mold Penicillium Digitatum

Sanxiapeptin, a linear pentapeptide from Penicillium oxalicum, inhibited the growth of citrus green mold.

Ageritin, a Ribotoxin from Poplar Mushroom ( Agrocybe aegerita) with Defensive and Antiproliferative Activities.

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within Fungu Penicillium Digitatum

Anthocyanins contribute to fruit defense against postharvest green mold

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Fungicide Resistance in Citrus Postharvest Green Mold

Penicillium Digitatum sentence examples within penicillium digitatum sacc

Effect of Betel Leaf (Piper sp.) Water Extracts to Control Penicillium digitatum Causes of Green Mold in Dekopon Citrus (Citrus reticulata)

بررسی تأثیر عصارههای سیر و آویشن شیرازی بر روی بیماری کپک سبز (Penicillium digitatum) و بعضی از مکانیسمهای دفاعی در پرتقال

Synergistic effect of carboxymethylcellulose and Cryptococcus laurentii on suppressing green mould of postharvest grapefruit and its mechanism.

Fungicidal Action of Coconut Waste Liquid-Smoke on Citrus Fruit-Rot Pathogens (Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum)

Bioremediation of cardboard recycling industry effluents using mixed fungal culture

Production and immobilization of β-glucanase from Aspergillus niger with its applications in bioethanol production and biocontrol of phytopathogenic fungi.

Interrelation between ABA and phospholipases D, C and A2 in early responses of citrus fruit to Penicillium digitatum infection

Eco-friendly control of licorice aqueous extract to increase quality and resistance to postharvest decay in apple and tangerine fruits

Antifungal effect of cinnamaldehyde, eugenol and carvacrol nanoemulsion against Penicillium digitatum and application in postharvest preservation of citrus fruit

Metabolite profiling reveals comprehensive effects of Chaetomium globosum on citrus preservation.

Study of Bio-Pharmaceutical and Antimicrobial Properties of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Leathery Exocarp Extract

Action mechanisms and biocontrol of Purpureocillium lilacinum against green mould caused by Penicillium digitatum in orange fruit

Synthetic antimicrobial peptides control Penicillium digitatum infection in orange fruits.

Efficacy of an antifungal edible coating for the quality maintenance of Tarocco orange fruit during cold storage

Organic Acids as Sanitizers for Natamycin and other Fungicides in Postharvest Recirculating Application Systems for Citrus.

Mining RNA-Seq Data to Depict How Penicillium digitatum Shapes Its Transcriptome in Response to Nanoemulsion

Potential of Antifungal Proteins (AFPs) to Control Penicillium Postharvest Fruit Decay

Albedo- and Flavedo-Specific Transcriptome Profiling Related to Penicillium digitatum Infection in Citrus Fruit

Botanical Control of Citrus Green Mold and Peach Brown Rot on Fruits Assays Using a Persicaria acuminata Phytochemically Characterized Extract

Starch-glyceryl monostearate edible coatings formulated with sodium benzoate control postharvest citrus diseases caused by Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum

Bioprospection of Metschnikowia sp. isolates as biocontrol agents against postharvest fungal decays on lemons with their potential modes of action

Fungi Diversity on Some Fruits and Biological Control using Two Plants Extracts

Novel composite films based on sodium alginate and gallnut extract with enhanced antioxidant, antimicrobial, barrier and mechanical properties

Occupational Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in a Japanese Citrus Farmer.

Citronellal Exerts Its Antifungal Activity by Targeting Ergosterol Biosynthesis in Penicillium digitatum

Effects of Salicylic Acid in The Normal and Nano Form Against Selected Fungi That Infect Citrus Trees (Citrus sinensis)

Ultrasound-mediated molecular self-assemble of thymol with 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin for fruit preservation.

Design, synthesis, fungicidal activities and structure-activity relationship studies of (-)-borneol derivatives containing 2-aryl-thiazole scaffold.

Two new steroidal sapogenins from Rohdea chinensis (synonym Tupistra chinensis) rhizomes and their antifungal activity.

Antifungal and wound healing promotive compounds from the resins of Dracaena cochinchinensis.

Fungal Infection Induces Anthocyanin Biosynthesis and Changes in DNA Methylation Configuration of Blood Orange [Citrus sinensis L. (Osbeck)]

Burkholderia gladioli MB39 an Antarctic Strain as a Biocontrol Agent.

Sweet chestnut standardized fractions from sustainable circular process and green tea extract: In vitro inhibitory activity against phytopathogenic fungi for innovative applications in green agriculture

Differential susceptibility of mycotoxin-producing fungi to distinct antifungal proteins (AFPs).

Transcription Factor CsWRKY65 Participates in the Establishment of Disease Resistance of Citrus Fruits to Penicillium digitatum.

Nano-emulsion of denak (Oliveria decumbens Vent.) essential oil: ultrasonic synthesis and antifungal activity against Penicillium digitatum

Antifungal features and properties of chitosan/sandalwood oil Pickering emulsion coating stabilized by appropriate cellulose nanofiber dosage for fresh fruit application

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Antimicrobial Activity of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Bacillus subtilis on Different Dilution Concentrations Against Various Citrus Post-Harvest Pathogens

Novel Chitosan-Riboflavin Conjugate with Visible Light-Enhanced Antifungal Properties against Penicillium digitatum.

Isolation, characterization and identification of novel broad spectrum bacterial antagonist(s) to control Fusarium wilt of eggplant

Corylus avellana leaf extract-mediated green synthesis of antifungal silver nanoparticles using microwave irradiation and assessment of their properties

A Pilot Study on Baseline Fungi and Moisture Indicator Fungi in Danish Homes

Inhibition of Three Citrus Pathogenic Fungi by Peptide PAF56 Involves Cell Membrane Damage

Control of postharvest diseases caused by Penicillium spp. with myrtle leaf phenolic extracts: in vitro and in vivo study on mandarin fruit during storage.

Screening Methods for Isolation of Biocontrol Epiphytic Yeasts against Penicillium digitatum in Lemons

Salicylic acid and Cinnamomum verum confer resistance against Penicillium rot by modulating the expression of defense linked genes in Citrus reticulata Blanco

Screening lactic acid bacteria from pickle and cured meat as biocontrol agents of Penicillium digitatum on citrus fruit

Effects of the peptide H-OOWW-NH2 and its derived lipopeptide C12-OOWW-NH2 on controlling of citrus postharvest green mold

Efficacy of Yarrowia lipolytica in the biocontrol of green mold and blue mold in Citrus reticulata and the mechanisms involved

A Robust Phylogenomic Time Tree for Biotechnologically and Medically Important Fungi in the Genera Aspergillus and Penicillium