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Amplified Interfacial Effect on Atomically Dispersed RuOx-on-Pd 2D Inverse Nanocatalysts for High-Performance Oxygen Reduction.

Perforated Pd Nanosheets with Crystalline/Amorphous Heterostructures as a Highly Active Robust Catalyst toward Formic Acid Oxidation.

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Ultrathin PdCu alloy nanosheet–assembled 3D nanoflowers with high peroxidase-like activity toward colorimetric glucose detection

Delicate topotactic conversion of coordination polymers to Pd porous nanosheets for high-efficiency electrocatalysis

Surfactant-Assisted Synthesis of Palladium Nanosheets and Nanochains for the Electrooxidation of Ethanol.

Heterogeneous Isomerization for Stereoselective Alkyne Hydrogenation to trans-Alkene Mediated by Frustrated Hydrogen Atoms.

Highly Dispersed Mo Sites on Pd Nanosheets Enable Selective Ethanol-to-Acetate Conversion.

Lattice-Confined Ir Clusters on Pd Nanosheets with Charge Redistribution for the Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction under Alkaline Conditions.

Facile synthesis of ultrathin Pt–Pd nanosheets for enhanced formic acid oxidation and oxygen reduction reaction

Fe3O4–Pd Janus nanoparticles with amplified dual-mode hyperthermia and enhanced ROS generation for breast cancer treatment

Engineering the Atomic Layer of RuO2 on PdO Nanosheets Boosts Oxygen Evolution Catalysis.

Fully Tensile Strained Pd3Pb/Pd Tetragonal Nanosheets Enhance Oxygen Reduction Catalysis.

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Pd Nanosheets Pd 나노시트

Pd Nanosheets Pd 나노시트
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