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Payment Reform sentence examples within post acute care

Use of Post-acute Care by Medicare Beneficiaries With a Diagnosis of Dementia.

Payment Reform sentence examples within Medicare Payment Reform

Long-run growth of ambulatory surgery centers 1990-2015 and Medicare payment policy.

Discussion: The Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on Plastic and Gender-Affirmation Surgery.

Payment Reform sentence examples within Provider Payment Reform

Why did Ghana’s national health insurance capitation payment model fall off the policy agenda? A regional level policy analysis

Tiered Cost-Sharing for Primary Care Gatekeeper Clinics

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Payment Reform sentence examples within Care Payment Reform

Heeding the Call for Urgent Primary Care Payment Reform: What Do We Know about How to Get Started?

Expanding Access to Home-Based Palliative Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol.

Payment Reform sentence examples within Drg Payment Reform

Impacts of Hospital Payment Based on Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) with Global Budget on Resource Use and Quality of Care: A Case Study in China

Evaluation of DRGs payment reform of two hospitals in Yulin

Payment Reform sentence examples within Hospital Payment Reform

Effectiveness of hospital payment reforms in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review.

The effect of hospital safety-net burden on outcomes, cost, and reportable quality metrics after emergent clipping and coiling of ruptured cerebral aneurysms.

Payment Reform sentence examples within payment reform model

Unwarranted Variation in Healthcare: Impacts of Test-Order Practice Variation on Care-Delivery Cost

Keeping Patients at the Center of Family Medicine Scholarship

Payment Reform sentence examples within payment reform advocate

Exploring the role of psychosocial care in value-based oncology: Results from a survey of 3000 cancer patients and survivors

Making the case for ACEs: adverse childhood experiences, obesity, and long-term health

Payment Reform sentence examples within payment reform initiative

Social Determinants of Kidney Health: Focus on Poverty.

A Case-Mix System for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Payment Reform sentence examples within payment reform effort

Evaluating differential cost growth across individual cancers: Insights from Oncology Care Model data.

Promoting measurement-based care and quality measure development: The APA mental and behavioral health registry initiative.

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Factors that influence specialist physician preferences for fee-for-service and salary-based payment models: A qualitative study.

209. Does increased regional discretionary spending correlate with safety in spine surgery among Medicare beneficiaries

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Implementation of the Institute of Medicine Treatment Plan in Oncology Practice.

The Effects of Accountable Care Organizations Forming Preferred Skilled Nursing Facility Networks on Market Share, Patient Composition, and Outcomes

Hospital Partnerships for Population Health: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Value-Based Payment

A Typology of Existing Machine Learning–Based Predictive Analytic Tools Focused on Reducing Costs and Improving Quality in Health Care: Systematic Search and Content Analysis

Utilization and expenses of outpatient services among tuberculosis patients in three Chinese counties: an observational comparison study

An unintended consequence of provider payment reform: The case of capitation grants in the National Health Insurance reform of Indonesia.

Radiation oncology alternative payment model to medical physics profession: More benefits than detriments

The Association Between Primary Care Physician Compensation and Patterns of Care Delivery, 2012-2015

Early Impact of the State Innovation Models Initiative on Diagnosed Diabetes Prevalence Among Adults and Hospitalizations Among Diagnosed Adults

Access to Quaternary Care: Studies Needed in Otolaryngology

Development and Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Intensive Primary Care Clinic for High-Need High-Cost Patients in a Safety Net Hospital.

Home Health Care For Children With Medical Complexity: Workforce Gaps, Policy, And Future Directions.

Microbiology of Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction Infections: A Systematic Review.

Getting the system to invest in integrated care - lessons from the integration stayers

Preliminary Evidence of the Impact of Hospice Payment Reform on Social Service Visits in the Last Week of Life.

Value-based Payment Reform in a Managed Care Environment

Financial incentives to change the healthcare landscape: a case study

The Effects of Bundled Payment Programs for Hip and Knee Arthroplasty on Patient-Reported Outcomes.

Engaging Beneficiaries In Medicaid Programs That Incentivize Health-Promoting Behaviors.

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Effective healthcare cost-containment policies: A systematic review.

The Business Case for Population Health Management.

The Missing Reality of Real Life in Real‐World Evidence

Sustainable care coordination: a qualitative study of primary care provider, administrator, and insurer perspectives

How Patient Complexity and Surgical Approach Influence Episode-Based Payment Models for Colectomy

Impact of Health Plan Reforms in Washington on Employment Decisions

Cognitive Biases Influence Decision-Making Regarding Postacute Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Relationship of pay-for-performance and provider pay.

Experience of Family Physicians in Practice Transformation Networks

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Payment Reform 지불 개혁

Payment Reform 지불 개혁
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