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Patronage Intention sentence examples within corporate social responsibility

Message framing strategies, food waste prevention, and diners’ repatronage intentions: the mediating role of corporate social responsibility

The Effect of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on the Re-Patronage Intention of Customers at PT Liga Technic


Measuring Internet Retail Service Quality Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The role of perceived vulnerability in restaurant customers’ co-creation behavior and repatronage intention during the COVID-19 pandemic

Perceptions towards green image of trendy coffee cafés and intention to re-patronage: the mediating role of customer citizenship behavior

Find me here: share store information through check-in

Antecedents and consequences of customer engagement: A case study of Saudi airline industry

Hierarchal Formation of Trust on Peer-to-Peer Lodging Platforms

Do connected town-centre shopping journeys improve town-centre patronage?

Exploring the involvement-patronage link in the phygital retail experiences

Green hotel patronage intention through biospheric values


E-Grocery Retailing Mobile Application: Discerning Determinants of Repatronage Intentions in an Emerging Economy

Sound-symbolic signaling of online retailer sizes: The moderating effect of shopping goals

Study of Effective Corridor Design to Improve Wayfinding in Underground Malls

Impact of Retail Service Quality and Store Service Quality on Patronage Intention towards Organized Retail Industry

Impact of ‘Dining atmospherics’ and ‘Percived food-quality’ on customer re-patronage intention in fast-casual restaurants

The impact of religiosity on fashion knowledge, consumer-perceived value and patronage intention

Effects of 3D vs 2D interfaces and product-coordination methods

Healthcare branding: Insights from Africa into health service customers’ repeat patronage intentions

Customers’ behavioral responses to unfavorable pricing errors: the role of perceived deception, dissatisfaction and price consciousness

A Building’s Design Quality: Measuring the Esoteric

The upside of showrooming: How online information creates positive spill-over for the brick-and-mortar retailer

Investigating repatronage intention in stores carrying halal products through store personalities

Green attributes of restaurants: Do consumers, owners, and managers think alike?

Extending the knowledge on cause-related marketing (CrM) campaign with focus on skepticism

Chatbot advertising effectiveness: When does the message get through?

The effect of consumer emotions on outcome behaviors following service failure

The impact of retailscape elements, customer mood and customer pleasure on customer re-patronage intentions

Perceived justice and CSR after service recovery

Customer value co-creation behaviour in fitness centres: how does it influence customers’ value, satisfaction, and repatronage intention?

Does Customer-Based Reputation Lead Customers Not to Switch? Examining Moderating Influences in Hypermarkets

Consumer relationship with pro-environmental apparel brands: effect of knowledge, skepticism and brand familiarity

Intention to implement corporate social responsibility – The role of religiousness and ethical idealism

How manufacturer brand erosion shapes consumer assortment perceptions

Employee satisfaction trajectories and their effect on customer satisfaction and repatronage intentions

Shopping streets vs malls: preferences of low-income consumers

Self/other oriented green experiential values: Measurement and impact on hotel-consumer relationship

Bikini or Burkini? The role of swimwear and age as determinants of beach interaction with others

Psychological Needs, Passion, and Consumer Re-Patronage Intentions to The Performing Arts

Customer loyalty in Sabah full service restaurant

U.S. Consumers’ Perception of Asian Brands’ Cultural Authenticity and Its Impact on Perceived Quality, Trust, and Patronage Intention

Do service firm employee and customer relations matter for customer forgiveness in service recovery

Antecedents and consequences of consumer skepticism toward cause-related marketing: Gender as moderator and attitude as mediator

Cause Related Marketing and Customer Skepticism: A Study of Situational and Psychological Skepticism

The critical role of customer forgiveness in successful service recovery

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Patronage Intention 후원 의도

Patronage Intention 후원 의도
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