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What Makes CSR Communication Lead to CSR Participation? Testing the Mediating Effects of CSR Associations, CSR Credibility, and Organization–Public Relationships

Visual CSR Messages and the Effects of Emotional Valence and Arousal on Perceived CSR Motives, Attitude, and Behavioral Intentions

Participation Intention sentence examples within Continuou Participation Intention

Motivation and sustained participation in the online crowdsourcing community: the moderating role of community commitment

Perceived Community Support, Users’ Interactions, and Value Co-Creation in Online Health Community: The Moderating Effect of Social Exclusion

Participation Intention sentence examples within Public Participation Intention

How perceived corporate social responsibility and public knowledge affect public participation intention: evidence from Chinese waste incineration power projects

Effect of Social Media Activities to Determinants Public Participate Intention of E-Government

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Participation Intention sentence examples within Future Participation Intention

Intention for Screening Colonoscopy among Previous Non-Participants: Results of a Representative Cross-Sectional Study in Germany

Do “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?” Participation Trends and Motivational Profiles of Women in the Birkebeiner Races, Norway’s Ultimate Mass Participation Ski Event

Participate in volunteer tourism again? Effect of volunteering value on temporal re-participation intention

Rural Residents’ Participation Intention in Community Forestry-Challenge and Prospect of Community Forestry in Sri Lanka

Who is willing to participate? Examining public participation intention concerning decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Belgium

The influence of economic incentives on residents’ intention to participate in online recycling: An experimental study from China

Research on the factors that influence patients with colorectal cancer participating in the prevention and control of surgical site infection: Based on the extended theory of planned behaviour.

The Effect of Corporate Philanthropy on Consumer Behavior: Open Innovation in the Operating Mechanism

Factors Affecting BoP Producer Intention to Use P2P Lending Platforms in India

Examining consumer participation on brand microblogs in China: perspectives from elaboration likelihood model, commitment–trust theory and social presence

Inspiring Participation in a New Sport Opportunity: Exploring The Role of Event Experience and Spectator Characteristics


Emotional Consumption: Post-rural Life Experience of Ethnic Village Tourism

Public and private value in citizen participation in E-governance: Evidence from a government-sponsored green commuting platform

An Examination of Factors That Influence Social Networking Community Participation Among Millennials

Participation motivations of product innovation in the crowdsourcing system

Having fun while receiving rewards?: Exploration of gamification in loyalty programs for consumer loyalty

The impacts of technology platform openness on application developers’ intention to continuously use a platform: From an ecosystem perspective

Exploring the Influencing Factors of Live-Streaming Viewers’ Participation Intention from the Perspective of Source Credibility Model and Cognitive Load - An Example of Mobile Device Users

Understanding User Social Commerce Usage Intention: A Stimulus-Organism-Response Perspective

The effect of service quality on foreign participants’ satisfaction and behavioral intention with the 2016 Shanghai International Marathon

Understanding commitment and apathy in is security extra-role behavior from a person-organization fit perspective

Understanding the effect of social media marketing activities: The mediation of social identification, perceived value, and satisfaction

Participation Intention and Influencing Factors of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the Network Training Community: Taking Jinhua City as an Example

Determinants of household wetland resources use and management behavior in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

How social ties contribute to collective actions on social media: A social capital approach

Is this for our sake or their sake? Cross-cultural effects of message focus in cause-related marketing

Are “youth days” effective at motivating new sport participation? Evidence from a pre-post event research design

Digital trust and institutional assurance in the sharing economy from consumer and intermediary view

Antecedents and role of individual sociability on participation in mobile collaborative consumption

Triggering effects of mobile video marketing in nature tourism: Media richness perspective

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Participation Intention 참여의도

Participation Intention 참여의도
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